Lightcraft Technology to launch VFX pipeline-in-a-suitcase previsualization system at NAB


New Previzion® Portable and Airtrack™ systems save time and money

Last Updated: April 9, 2009 5:07 pm GMT
(Pasadena, California--April 9, 2009) Lightcraft Technology will introduce its Previzion® Portable and Airtrack™ systems at NAB 2009. The systems offer appreciable savings by allowing users to preview and manipulate complicated VFX shots on set while recording accurate tracking data for post production. Both will be running at NAB Booth #SL-5030; lower South Hall April 20-23, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The Previzion Portable is an affordable, integrated VFX pipeline-in-a-suitcase that provides everything necessary to create sophisticated blue and green screen visual effects shots in real time. The system includes keying, color correction, real-time rendering of video and 3D elements, accurate camera and lens tracking, compositing, and camera motion recording. Previzion integrates seamlessly into existing HD production pipelines, and is based on programmable hardware for rapid upgrades.

The Airtrack module is a production-level precision rotary tracking system that accurately measures handheld tracking anywhere (on set or on location). Airtrack steadily tracks rotary motion in real time without any external reference point, and can be combined with the Intersense IS1200 for a complete, portable, high precision 6DOF tracking solution.

Together, the Previzion Portable and Airtrack provide an integrated, easy to operate camera tracking and visual effects preview system that gives creative camera control to directors and cinematographers, while recording complete timecode-synchronized camera and lens motion data for post production.

Previzion has been used in a wide range of productions, including Knight Rider, General Hospital, All My Children, and multiple live events.

Lightcraft Technology invites show attendees to stop by the booth and see for themselves how these new production tools save time, save money, and simplify VFX final assembly.

The Previzion Portable and Airtrack are available now. Contact Rick Balabuck for pricing / onsite demo evaluation: +1-310-386-7293 or

About Lightcraft Technology™
Lightcraft was founded in 2004 by mechanical engineer and University of Michigan/MIT degree holder Eliot Mack. Mack worked at Walt Disney Imagineering and led the mechanical engineering effort on the iRobot Roomba before applying his craft to the Previzion® virtual studio system. Mack was later joined by fellow iRobot engineer Phil Mass, who was the sole software engineer on the Roomba, the world's first successful home robot. The team at Lightcraft blends their unique technical skills and love of film to provide optimized tools for the entertainment industry:


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