Sorenson Media to Showcase Industry-leading Video Compression Products at 2009 NAB Show


Sorenson Squeeze 5 and Sorenson Spark Software Developers Kit Demonstrated at Annual Broadcasting Industry Conference

Last Updated: April 13, 2009 7:10 pm GMT
(San Diego, California--April 13, 2009) Sorenson Media today announced that it will showcase Sorenson Squeeze 5 and the Sorenson Spark Developers Kit at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 20-23, 2009. Sorenson Media will be located in booth No. SL5428 in the south lower hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Embracing the Sorenson Squeeze tradition of producing high-quality video without a complicated workflow, the industry-leading Sorenson Squeeze 5 compression and encoding application enables users to output content in all of the most popular formats, including Flash, QuickTime and MPEG-4, as well as in HD for MPEG-2, Flash, VC-1, and H.264. In 2008, Sorenson Squeeze 5 received the Vanguard Award from Digital Content Producer magazine and Streaming Media magazine's Readers Choice Top Award for Encoding Software for the second year in a row.

The Sorenson Spark Software Developers Kit gives developers the power to add the most popular video decoder, Sorenson Spark, to nearly any portable consumer electronic device for playback of high-speed Adobe Flash-based video. Sorenson Spark pioneered internet video by being the first codec used in Macromedia Flash, now Adobe Flash, today's de facto standard for Web video. It is the industry's most ubiquitous video decoder, exclusively enabling the playback of hundreds of millions of videos over the Internet. Sorenson Spark is the codec currently used on YouTube, which is why device manufacturers such as Sony, Ingenient and Verizon have licensed the codec for use in products ranging from mobile phones and netbooks to the Verizon Hub, a new touch screen home phone system.

"Sorenson Squeeze 5 and Sorenson Spark are just two of the many products that have made the Sorenson Media brand synonymous with quality and innovation in digital video for over a decade," said Sorenson Media CEO Peter Csathy. "Because we have the best video technology and talent in the industry, Sorenson Media enjoys a loyal connection with partners and customers."

About Sorenson Media
Sorenson Media ( is the global leader for video solutions that enable users to easily and affordably compress, manage and deliver high-quality video over the Internet and to CDs, DVDs, mobile devices and other formats. The company provides innovative Web-based platforms for publishing, editing and managing professional and user-generated video content, and for the development of customizable media sharing sites. Sorenson Media's Sorenson Spark codec is the industry's most widely accessed digital video codec, and was the first codec used in Macromedia Flash, now Adobe Flash, today's de facto standard for Web video. From its inception in 1995, Sorenson Media has been at the forefront of leading trends offering award-winning technology and products that dramatically improve the Internet experience for developers and users alike.


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