ProConsultant Introduces New Cross-Platform Promo Builder Technology at NAB 2009


Showcasing enterprise applications for multi-platform, multi-channel programming and air time sales scheduling; New MediaBench module that streamlines promo creation for multi-platform distribution

Last Updated: April 13, 2009 7:42 pm GMT
(Las Vegas, Nevada--April 13, 2009) ProConsultant Informatique, a forward-thinking developer of enterprise workflow solutions for broadcast program and business management, today unveiled the new MediaBench technology at NAB 2009 on stand SU9602. The new MediaBench technology offers broadcasters the ability to simplify non-linear promo production and distribution within the Proconsultant Informatique flagship business management solution LOUISE.

The intuitive MediaBench interface offers user-friendly content management tools to search, select, and assemble program content promos - including graphical images from cover art and posters, as well as video promos created from clip extractions. The promos are automatically distributed to multiple linear and non-linear platforms. The underlying LOUISE architecture automates file format conversions while providing more sophisticated capabilities such as the ability to merge content from multiple projects. The entire workflow can be done in a few key strokes within the MediaBench module. The metadata for the newly created promos is always maintained and generated for new projects automatically.

"LOUISE is the core engine for managing content and assets across the entire workflow including sub-workflows such as postproduction. Incorporating technology like MediaBench strikes a better balance for broadcasters effectively managing content and resources," said Herve Obed, founder, ProConsultant Informatique S.A. "Generating promos for non-linear use within the main LOUISE workflow means that all promo and content metadata are centralized. Whether it's for VOD, web or other platforms, the promos are created right on the desktop without re-digitizing or tying up edit bays. The entire process is streamlined and resources are maximized for optimal performance."

The unique combination of simple production tools and repurposing technology is integrated within the LOUISE architecture. The underlying LOUISE engine brings a level sophistication to the delivery and organization of the content. Users can retrieve media from several projects simultaneously, extract clips, and assemble the right media for promos and trailers with just a few clicks. LOUISE expertly manages distribution to a wide range of platforms; TV, web, and mobile. No extra steps are needed to package media for distribution to different platforms. And because the content, metadata and assets are managed by LOUISE, the sub workflows such as post can easily retrieve and update promo and trailer pieces without the exhaustive efforts of retrieving multiple projects and reformatting content for delivery to multiple distribution platforms, LOUISE has executed the difficult conversions and content merges for them already.

About LOUISE – Rights Management and Program Scheduling
LOUISE is a dynamic, fully integrated information system for managing and scheduling media programming assets whether it's a mid-size television station or multi-channel, multi-media enterprise operation. LOUISE incorporates essential program information in its centralized database including rights, contracts, scheduling and all associated metadata through its life-cycle. The scheduling grid interface is straight-forward and intuitive. It can be easily configured to meet individual workflow needs. Designed to handle a broad range of situations, the logging tool allows secondary-event scheduling. Built on open standards, LOUISE serves as a control and information hub for data exchange. The powerful Search and Report module quickly responds to multiple levels and categories of queries. Customized reports and analyses are generated dynamically to reflect the latest information with preferred fields and views. LOUISE can be easily integrated with third party systems – from ingest cameras and devices to automation systems or publication services and archive systems. In addition to improved efficiencies in scheduling, planning and analysis, LOUISE provides a reliable, robust framework to maximize all aspects of the digital workflow chain.

About ProConsultant Informatique
ProConsultant Informatique S.A. develops state-of-the-art business management software for media organizations. Based in Metz, France, the company's flagship scheduling software LOUISE and its air time sales/traffic system CINDY are enterprise solutions offering straight-forward, intuitive workflows with a sophisticated infrastructure that provides maximum control and access to information and metadata for management, data exchange, analysis and reporting. With more than a decade of experience, reliability and a proven track record in nearly 200 television and multi-media organizations worldwide ProConsultant exemplifies excellence in innovation and performance.

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