PortalVideo Showcases Its Rough-Cut Editing Service for Video Producers at NAB ‘09


New Features for HD, Final Cut Pro Users with Tapeless Video Editing Workflows Allow Dramatic Post-Production Cost, Time-Savings for A Wider Range of Productions

Last Updated: April 20, 2009 6:01 pm GMT
(Wellesley, Massachusetts--April 20, 2009) PortalVideo, provider of Internet-based video editing solutions for producers, is showcasing its pioneering PortalVideo™ rough-cut editing service at today’s 2009 NAB Show™ at the National Association of Broadcasters annual conference in Las Vegas.

In use for the past year by select early customers, including major documentary producers, reality show creators and corporate media services managers, PortalVideo’s software service dramatically speeds the video creation process with interviews and reality-style footage -- so producers and their teams work with maximum flexibility and efficiency.

For decades, a disconnect between transcripts and source video has slowed the post-production process, especially early on when producers need to frame out an early iteration or “rough cut” of their script. Typically, producers endure a laborious search through hours of footage for the perfect video clip to accompany a sound bite. Now, using PortalVideo, producers accomplish in minutes what used to take hours, even days. With anywhere, anytime access to transcripts and video, producers reduce the time and costs of an edit suite during post production. Teams using PortalVideo to date report that they save 50% in editing costs and over 50% of their total post-production workflow time.

Producers upload their video to PortalVideo’s servers, where an online service links transcription to its corresponding video. Because there is no timeline, you don’t need to be an editor to create a rough cut. Instead, PortalVideo allows producers to simply drag and drop desired transcript segments from their resource area into a script. In an industry first, producers read and edit their script, then click to instantly playback an edited video corresponding to the script. For the first time, editing your rough cut becomes as easy as reading and organizing text. In addition, an online review portal eliminates the need to send out DVDs and scripts, or upload files to ftp servers.

New features highlighted at NAB today allow video producers using HD and Final Cut Pro to swiftly upload and ingest both meta data and low rez versions of HD source files from tapeless workflows of P2 and XDCam - in addition to PortalVideo’s existing support for a variety of other tape-based acquisition methods. The enhancement means Final Cut Pro users now can get it all -- fast, easy ingestion via the Internet, reduced post-production time and costs, and ultimately seamless linking of an imported sequence back to HD source files.

PortalVideo’s service was created by producers, for producers and has garnered raves from professional producers who have used it - as well as “must see” status from local user groups nationwide. Most recently PortalVideo was named one of only four online video-related technologies to be spotlighted at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive event as part of the 2009 Microsoft BizSpark Accelerator program.

“In today’s economy, video producers need all the help they can get to manage costs and work smarter,” said Len Sitomer, founder and president of PortalVideo. “PortalVideo’s unique ability to create a rough cut in real time has helped producers to lower costs and speed production turnaround - while our software-on demand model lets them skip the investment in specialized hardware or software. We’re continually enhancing our offering and as we do, we’re widening the circle of producers who can gain dramatic results with our service.”

PortalVideo is part of NAB’s Content & Commerce Pavilion at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, floor 2 behind Exhibitor Registration, located in booth C155 AA.

About PortalVideo, Inc.
PortalVideo, Inc. is a software-on-demand provider of Internet-based video editing solutions. Its PortalVideo™ solution was designed by producers, for producers and created with the guidance of some of the industry's most respected thought-leaders and technologists, including inventors of the Avid editing product family. The PortalVideo concept was developed by Len Sitomer, founder of Portalvideo, LLC, an international media consulting firm, as a solution to the challenges of quickly sorting through hours of interview video footage, creating rough cuts, and collaborating with clients around the world. In late 2005, Len spun out PortalVideo as a separate company known as PortalVideo, Inc. PortalVideo’s service has been field-tested on hundreds of projects for client companies, and is presently in use by select early customers worldwide.


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