Harmonic's Video Transcoding Solution Integrates YouTube Fingerprinting Technology


Rhozet™ Carbon Coder™ Enables Creation of Digital Fingerprints for Use With YouTube's Content Identification System

Last Updated: April 20, 2009 8:41 pm GMT
(NAB Las Vegas, Nevada--April 20, 2009) Harmonic Inc. (NASDAQ: HLIT) today announced that its Rhozet™ Carbon Coder™ transcoding solution can now be used as a delivery platform for generating ID files for YouTube's Content ID System. This development allows Carbon Coder users automatically to generate an ID file or so-called "fingerprint" of the video content they own during the transcode process.

Using YouTube's Content ID System, they may then upload these ID files to YouTube and use them to identify their content automatically in user-uploaded videos on YouTube and apply "usage policies" that have been specified by the content owners regarding how they want matched content to be handled by YouTube, such as monetize, track usage statistics, or block content.

"It is critical to content owners to identify and manage their content on YouTube,” said George Salem, Content ID product manager at YouTube. "We are always aiming to make this process as easy as possible for them and to provide our Content ID users with more choices. Harmonic's Rhozet team provided us with a great solution for those content owners who choose to generate their own ID files."

Unlike previous content protection methods, the integration of fingerprinting into the transcoding process results in a faster, more simplified approach for automatically tracking and protecting content. With this process, actual content does not have to be delivered to YouTube in order to be protected -- only the fingerprint is delivered. The producers of a television series can, for example, fingerprint content while in production. Once an episode has been aired, the owners could then choose to allow it to be shown on YouTube and share in the advertising revenue generated by that episode or to block it from YouTube. In addition to fingerprinting, the YouTube team has integrated YouTube-specific format presets into Carbon Coder to ensure that content being delivered to YouTube meets quality and consistency standards.

"Until now, digital fingerprinting has been a somewhat cumbersome process," said David Trescot, vice president of the Rhozet Business Unit at Harmonic Inc. "The integration of YouTube's technology into Rhozet's transcoding platform makes for an efficient and high performance protection system."

Rhozet Carbon Coder is a universal transcoding solution used by leading media companies including Ascent Media Group, British Sky Broadcasting (BskyB), Lifetime Networks, and MTV. It facilitates the creation of multiformat video for Internet, mobile, and broadcast applications. As part of the transcode process, Carbon Coder handles an array of critical operations including SD/HD and PAL/NTSC conversion, logo insertion, color space conversion, color correction, and closed captioning extraction. Multiple Carbon Coder nodes can be configured as a rendering farm to accelerate the workflow and provide automated processing for high-volume transcoding.

The latest version of Carbon Coder will be demonstrated at NAB 2009 in Las Vegas, April 20-23, in the Rhozet booth SL9728 and at the main Harmonic booth SU7209.


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