Moddler Shows Shape of Things to Come for Physical Model Creation Via 3D Printing


New Service for Digital Content Creators Including VFX, Game and Animation Studios

Last Updated: April 30, 2009 4:31 pm GMT
(San Francisco, California--April 30, 2009) 3D printing company Moddler has formed to offer high quality physical models of 3D digital creative assets for entertainment industry content producers including film and television production studios, visual effects and animation studios, game companies and individual artists, announced principal and founder John Vegher, a VFX veteran and Emmy Award winner.

Vegher was a founding member of pre-visualization studio Pixel Liberation Front and visual effects house Giant Killer Robots (winner of Academy Awards for “What Dreams May Come” and “Happy Feet”). He has over 14 years of visual effects experience on such feature films as “The Matrix Reloaded,” “The Matrix Revolutions,” “Terminator 3” and “Fantastic Four.”

3D printing is a form of printing which translates digital data into a highly detailed and accurate physical copy of an object by layering and connecting successive cross sections of modeling material. Instead of printing colors, the 3D printer prints two types of plastic resin (one to build and the other to support). UV light is then used to harden the modeling material into a very durable object.

“We specialize in turning digital models into meticulously faithful physical reproductions to be used as maquettes for design validation, physical props or eye-catching and intriguing additions to a pitch or bid for extra impact,” said Vegher. “The 3D printing process, which works just like inkjet printing, produces models much faster and more cost effectively than traditional clay modeling and is capable of creating multiple copies easily as well as producing different size copies of the same model. And, because the process is entirely digital, nothing is lost in translation.”

Although employing cutting-edge digital technology, the 3D printing process demands a great deal of old fashioned patience and skill. Digital models must be meticulously prepared for printing, requiring a lot of technical expertise and experience. The finished product, which has the look and feel of hard plastic, must be carefully cleaned and prepped for delivery. Models can be printed in light blue, black and grey and can be primed and painted.

“Moddler brings the model making process into the digital age,” said Vegher, “allowing our clients to fully realize and communicate their designs more accurately, quickly and easily than ever before while helping them to stay within their budget. For designers and artists, this is a great help in the time consuming approval process for characters, props and scene elements inherent in any creative production whether for film and television or games and the Internet.”

Orders can be completed in a matter of days for most jobs depending on size and quantity. Clients receive a precise physical representation of their digital assets.

“Like visual effects in the mid 90’s, when I began my career working on ‘Judge Dredd,’ the technology that enables 3D printing has progressed by leaps and bounds in recent years and possesses incredible creative potential which is just beginning to be realized. Few people outside the industrial world (where it has been used by automotive, aerospace and OEM companies in one form or another for some time) are using it. I am able to utilize my visual effects technical know how and experience to bring this digital technology to bear in the entertainment industry to help digital designers, directors and producers achieve their creative vision.”

The studio specializes in creating models with new, paradigm-shifting 3D modeling tools like ZBrush from Pixologic and Autodesk’s Mudbox and industry standards like Autodesk’s Maya, 3ds Max and Softimage.

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