Pixelfantastic releases new plug-ins for Quantel


London-based eQ owner shares its in-house development with all Quantel creative workstation users

Last Updated: May 18, 2009 6:10 pm GMT
(Newbury, UK--May 18, 2009) Pixelfantastic, the London-based HD film and video production and post production company that specialises in working with high profile music artists such as Kylie Minogue, Westlife, Take That, Mika and many other famous names, has just released a suite of effects plug-ins for Quantel’s eQ, iQ, Pablo and sQ Edit Plus creative systems.

The initial release includes 12 plug-ins which cover a range of everyday needs from timecode burn in, counters and timers to an instant camcorder viewfinder effect, progressive picture stretch and pause. Unlike many other plug-ins which are sold as sets, the Pixelfantastic plug-ins are available for individual purchase, meaning users only need to purchase the specific plug-in they require.

Plug-ins can be downloaded from Pixelfantastic’s website at http://www.pixelfantastic.com.

Pixelfantastic offers free demos of all plug-ins, which allows Quantel artists to download fully working trial versions to ensure that the effect is exactly what they want before buying. A full list of the plug-ins with brief descriptions can be found at the end of this News Release. Pixelfantastic will be adding further plug-ins to the range over the coming weeks and months.

“We have developed these plug-ins to meet our own need to automate everyday tasks such as making countdown timers and burning in timecode for copy protection in our own eQ suite,” said Barrie Williams, Pixelfantastic MD. “They’re all about time-saving, while producing the highest possible quality results on screen We’ve also concentrated on making them fast and easy to set up, using the pen to interact directly with the image on-screen to give users really fine control.”

Quantel Director of Marketing, Steve Owen, said, “Pixelfantastic’s new plug-ins are a welcome and really useful addition to the 1000+ that are already available from our other partners. It’s great that Pixelfantastic are prepared to share the benefits of their day-to-day experience with other Quantel owners around the world.”

Pixelfantastic plug-ins
  • Timecode
    Burns Source and Destination timecode into the picture with speed, flexibility and style.

  • Strobe
    Creates the classic retro strobe effect at the click of a button; also offers unique slow-motion option.

  • Counter
    A ‘text generator on steroids’ – allowing users to animate numbers using the Quantel graph.

  • Timer
    Makes numeric countdowns and timers instantly with just a few clicks.

  • Dead Pixel
    Lets users revive dead pixels by tapping them with the pen. Includes zoom window.

  • Deinterlace
    Takes care of interlacing problems with an RGBA multi-threaded tool.

  • Field Invert
    Corrects field order problems quickly and easily in highest 16-bit quality.

  • Sharpen
    Fast and precise, offering seven levels of sharpening so users can choose the exact strength.

  • Camcorder
    Creates a camcorder viewfinder simulation including flashing lights, clock and battery.

  • Round Corners
    Creates round corners instantly with custom on-screen controls which let users move the crop position with the pen.

  • Stretch
    Corrects edge problems without zooming with horizontal progressive stretch. Great for stretching 4x3 to widescreen.

  • Pause
    The fastest way to pause a clip, then restart it. Includes automatic de-interlacing; a great time-saver.


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