GLUE TOOLS Releases ARRI RAW for Final Cut v1.0.2


The new ARRIRAW for Final Cut Studio v1.0.2 has been released. This update includes several improvements and fixes

Last Updated: July 13, 2009 6:17 pm GMT
(Santa Barbara, California--July 13, 2009) ARRI creates and manufactures the ARRIFLEX D21 digital cinema camera. The camera generates raw image sequences which can be recorded on to digital recording systems such as S.Two's DFR system and Codex Digital's field recorders.

ARRIRAW files are saved to these devices, preserving the maximum fidelity of the image captured by the D21 cinematography camera. The ARRIRAW Toolkit allows MacOSX users to work with these ".ari" files natively in Final Cut Studio and any Quicktime enabled application. Finder is fully aware of these files providing support for Spotlight, Quicklook Previews and QuickTime player compatibility.

Like our other Raw Camera toolkits, you can choose the level of Bayer pattern processing for speed vs. quality. When working with Final Cut Pro, the image processing quality can be reduced, to improve playback speed. Or, when your ready to export a high quality render, you can increase the image processing quality for great looking movie export.

ARRI's color processing math has also been incorporated to provide user adjustable ASA and Color Temperature settings. Also, support for Time Code, Reel names, Anamorphic Squeeze, as well as different frame rates are provided too. Those using color correction systems, support is also provided for the Academy/ASC's Color Decision List (CDL) file format as well.

ARRIRAW Toolkit v1.0.2 Updates include:
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed Gamma Shifting in QuickTime Player and Final Cut Pro
  • Stability and Memory fixes
  • STwoARRIConvert has been re-written to add Multi-Core CPU support as well as SSE math support.

Package Pricing is:
  • ARRIRAW v1.0.2 for Final Cut Studio: $799.00
  • CineonDPX / ARRIRAW for Final Cut Bundle: $999.00
  • CineonDPX / Phantom Cine / ARRIRAW Toolkit Bundle: $1599.00

Further ARRIFLEX D21 and ARRIRAW information can be obtained by contacting Arnold & Richter Cine Technik

Volume discounts for Site Licenses are also available. Contact us for details.

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