1080dots Digital Signage announces their Network Enabled version: 1080dots DS Player+


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Last Updated: August 21, 2009 5:16 pm GMT
(Leeuwarden, The Netherlands--August 21, 2009) 1080dots announces the perfect solution for Digital Signage Networks. The 1080dots DS Player+ adds playlist control, content updates and content scheduling that can all be controlled online.

Any open Content Management System can control the players by generating instructions in XML. And you can keep Adobe Photoshop as your favourite editing tool for template design.

Content and design is completely separated, which means that the consistency in the corporate style is secured. Templates designed in Adobe Photoshop can be dragged and dropped into the 1080dots Player. The player can interpret the Photoshop file and converts it directly into an XML-based, editable digital signage template.

As an independent unit, the player is able to get all kinds of new data: Content (internal and external, for example rss feeds), templates, playlist instructions or a 1080dots software upgrade. Thanks to the pull mechanism option, 1080dots is easy to integrate into secure corporate networks.

Benefits for the designer, developer or system integrator: Low-cost, flexible, broadcast quality in any resolution including Full HD, drag and drop Photoshop files. The application is fully XML open, which makes it possible to integrate the 1080dots Player+ into any open Content Management System.

*) Broadcast quality: Professional video connections for integration with studio equipment, smooth scrolls, anti aliased text and graphics, supporting Black Magic Design video cards.

Business opportunity : 1080dots helps you to serve your customers with an affordable and powerful solution. For the designer/implementer 1080dots is a very flexible solution. This lowers the threshold for you and your customers to reap the fruits which Digital Signage carries: Enhance the company’s image and make it stand out among the competition. Entertain, inform and service customers. Add real-time information, for example rss feeds like news & weather. Faster updates and no printing and distribution costs compared with traditional signage.

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Soon available at http://www.1080dots.com.

Visit 1080dots at IBC, stand number DS12


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