Cine-tal will support many exhibitors at IBC 2009


New Cinemage B Series product to be used by leading IBC exhibitors as the 10 bit color reference monitor of choice.

Last Updated: September 4, 2009 5:55 pm GMT
(Indianapolis, Indiana--September 4, 2009) Cine-tal Systems, a developer of image monitoring and color management solutions, announces the list of IBC exhibitors that will use its award winning Cinemage product line to demonstrate their products.

The Cinemage B series expands the Cinemage product line with a 42 inch and 23 inch offering. The B series also provides true 10 bit display with wide color gamuts to support both HD and DCI standards. The B series joins the leading Cinemage 2000 product that has become the standard for reference monitoring today.

Cine-tal Systems made the decision to not exhibit at IBC last year when many major exhibitors pulled out of the conference. The Company has focused its efforts in expanding localized marketing efforts throughout the world. "Even though Cine-tal will not have a stand at IBC we will have a large presence through many of our marketing partners" said Robert Carroll Cine-tal's CEO. "Our sales team will be in attendance and meeting with customers throughout the conference." Carroll continued. IBC Attendees will see the award winning Cinemage intelligent display systems in use by the following manufacturer.

Arri: 11.F21
Assimilate: 7.K01
Autodesk: 7.D21
Cintel : 7.B35
Da Vinci : 7.D08
Digital Film Technology: 7.E39
Iridas: 7.H11
Pandora : 6.A11
P+S Technik : 11.E28 / 7.H01

Integrated into the Cinemage B series product line is the company's cineSpace color management and calibration software. "By integrating our cineSpace technology into Cinemage we provide precision control of the wide gamut color primaries creating a perfect reference for DCI, HD and SD monitoring. Cinemage is the only monitoring system utilizing an optimized combination of 3D LUTs 1D LUTs and 21 bit color matrices to provide the highest precision of monitor calibration, display system emulation, and color pre-visualization." said Rob Carroll, company President and CEO. The Cinemage B Series also supports an enhanced user interface and modular control panel. To learn more about the Cinemage B Series go to the company's web site at

Cinemage 2000
Version 4.14 Version 4.14 for the Cinemage 2000 product line will add support for 2K XYZ colorspace, XYZ Waveform Monitor, Enhanced Standard Definition Modes, and Independent colorspace I/O. Also added to version 4.0 is the integration of cineSpace color management and calibration, H/V Delay, Windows Systray, Mac Widget, Mac Application for Cinemage remote control, iPhone and iTouch remote control. Version 4.14 also supports an enhanced UI with a dedicated remote control panel using a standard monitor control interface including controls for input selection, H/V delay, aspect ratio, brightness, and contrast.

cineSpace Release 2.72
cineSpace is the most widely adopted color management and display calibration system for Video, Digital Cinema, Digital Intermediate, animation and visual FX. New to version 2.72 is support for a wider range of measurement tools including Photo Research, Minolta and XRite. If you don't yet know how cineSpace can manage your customers color pipeline and display calibration stop by our booth. Color management experts from around the world will be on hand to show you the cineSpace tools and discuss how the product fits in a wide variety of application and image workflows.

The Davio product line provides precision calibration to Plasma display systems and a plethora of stereoscopic workflow solutions using the Davio Stereo library. Davio is a versatile solution for video signal processing including Stereoscopic Workflow, Video Display System Calibration, Computer Display System Calibration and Color Pipeline Management. Davio consists of a versatile software library running on a powerful hardware platform. Inside the Davio hardware is a programmable image processing architecture designed with the power needed for 3Gb/s SDI and HDMl 1.3 image data. The Davio hardware is coupled with the Davio software library creating solutions that meet the most basic to the most complex video processing needs for production, post production, distribution and exhibition. See more at

About Cine-tal
Cine-tal Systems develops display, collaboration and image processing solutions for digital cinema and video production and post production. Cine-tal is a privately held company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. For more information, call (317) 576-0091 or visit


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