Actus Digital integrates with V4x to add Interactivity to Web and Mobile Video


TVWebber auto-clips content and V4x adds rich media, interactive element.

Last Updated: September 10, 2009 10:06 pm GMT
(Amsterdam-IBC, The Netherlands--September 10, 2009) Actus Digital, provider of video management, monitoring, and repurposing solutions has teamed with V4x Interactive Factory to provide an automatic, cost-effective and streamlined way to repurpose and enrich content with interactive elements for online and mobile use.

V4x is the innovative software company focused on interactive tools to create and deliver rich media content to multiple platforms. The powerful combination of the Actus TVWebber application and V4x Interactive Factory will be demonstrated during the IBC Exhibition in Amsterdam September 11 -15, 2009 at the Actus Digital stand 2.A20 and at the V4x booth 2.B31J (French Pavilion) at the RAI Convention Centre.

The automated workflow of the Actus Digital TVWebber and V4x Widgets offers a remarkably fast turn-around for broadcasters, cable and other content providers to repurpose their content while adding dynamic, rich media elements that will enhance viewing and new revenue opportunities.

"We focus on ways to allow content providers to manage and maximize their video assets while improving efficiency at the same time," says Sima Levy, CEO, Actus Digital. "In a multi-platform world, it's increasingly important to minimize the effort and costs associated with taking content to new platforms. TVWebber is a huge step in that direction as it automatically creates clips from linear TV channels for VOD and other uses based on a schedule. We also auto-transcode to the appropriate formats. Adding interactivity with V4x offers an added dimension to the content, making the content more interesting to online and mobile users. It's a win-win for content providers and viewers."

"The ability to easily add interactive elements like polls, quizzes, and contests to content makes programming more compelling and engaging to the online and mobile users," says David Amselem, co-founder of V4x. "TVWebber provides the clips and V4x will automatically add the customized, rich media elements the content provider prefers. It's also easy to encourage content sharing through social networking sites – gaining more users, longer viewing times and new advertising opportunities. The rich media fulfills the "in the moment" and participatory expectations of online and mobile users while expanding the reach of the content brand."

The Actus TVWebber and V4x applications run in tandem. The workflow is automated and extremely cost effective, resulting in content offerings that are uniquely tailored new-media viewing and interactive engagement. TVWebber automatically creates clips from the linear broadcast based on a program or as-run schedule. TVWebber attaches the relevant metadata and transcodes the clips to the required formats for use on other platforms. "As-broadcast" commercials can be automatically removed and/or replaced with web-oriented ones. As TVWebber is creating clips, they can be automatically fed to the V4xInteractive Factory platform which adds customized, rich media elements (interactive quizzes, contests, overlays, etc ) which the content provider has selected to web TV channels or custom-branded mobile devices. V4x Interactive Factory provides the delivery platform to WEB Flash interactive players and Apple iPhones and the ability for viewers to share their favorite content with friends through facebook pages.

About Actus Digital
Actus Digital offers a broad range of web-application-based solutions that answer the unique and growing requirements of TV and IPTV broadcasters, cable and satellite operators, advertisers, media agencies, content creators, web content providers, government agencies and more. Actus solutions provide an easy access to broadcast media, from monitoring to regulatory compliance, rating analysis, searching, automatic content detection and reports, clips and exporting options. Actus also provides automatic tools for repurposing of linear broadcasts to the internet, IPTV, rebroadcasting, and mobile including automatic removal and insertion of relevant ads.

About V4x
V4x is the innovative software developer of the V4x Interactive Factory Platform, which enables content producers, telecom operators and services providers, to create, manage and deliver compelling, synchronized contextual interactivity for video. The V4x Interactive Factory provides a set of authoring tools and the back office infrastructure for delivering video channels and interactive services to multiple platforms such as Adobe's Flash, Air and Flashlite, Apple iPhone and Blackberry Smartphones, Mobile Broadcast TV and Mobile Video 3G services.

V4x customers include telecom operators such as Orange FT and Portugal Telecom, entertainment groups such Luc Besson's film production company EuropaCorp and Partouche Casinos, and media companies such M6 WEB and Radio Suisse Romande.V4x has won several other awards including "Concours National Création d'Entreprises - Ministère de la Recherche" and the TV Technology's NAB 2007 STAR award. In 2008 V4x was selected as a participant in the prestigious Orange FT Start-Up Program. In 2009, V4x Wins Honors at LeMobile 2.0. V4x is a member of the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) and the Mobile Digital Television/ Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC).


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