IK Multimedia GrooveMaker® iPhone app Scores Upcoming Fox TV Reality Show


Emmy® Winning Composer - Russ Landau uses IK’s iPhone app to write music for US national TV show on an airplane

Last Updated: September 15, 2009 6:37 pm GMT
(Modena, Italy--September 15, 2009) IK Multimedia is proud to announce that Emmy® winning film and television composer, Russ Landau, has been using IK Multimedia’s GrooveMaker app for iPhone/iPod Touch to score a US national Fox network TV show called “Seducing Cindy” currently in production for January broadcast.

GrooveMaker is a professional music application that can be used to produce high quality music soundtracks, by anyone in any place, with superb quality audio - high enough for network TV scores and beyond!

Quotes From the Interview on PlanetILL.com, by Elianne Halbersberg:
“If you have ever tuned in to CBS Show ‘Survivor”—and who hasn’t—then you have heard Russ Landau’s music. However, the reality show is only one example of his remarkable, multi-faceted career. Landau scores an ongoing assortment of television and film projects. He won the Emmy in 2008 for best theme song “Pirate Master” and was awarded an honorary doctorate in 2009 from his alma mater, the University of Bridgeport.”

“Ten years ago, Landau began using IK Multimedia’s SampleTank as part of his studio software. In turn, the company introduced him to their GrooveMaker software, which became an integral part of his scoring work. Based on the success of GrooveMaker and the integration of software applications on iPhone, IK Multimedia—a leader in the field of advancing music software and technology—has just released their GrooveMaker iPhone/iPod app, which works in real time with audio loops at the touch of a finger. It, too, is proving a valuable tool for Landau, whose hectic schedule often keeps him on the road and in airports.”

The popularity of GrooveMaker has grown exponentially in a short amount of time! Since becoming available as a download from iTunes only a few weeks ago, the various versions of GrooveMaker have been downloaded over 160,000 times, and have been in the top list of Free and paid iTunes applications in every country, all over the world.

Here are quotes from Russ Landau on how he composed the soundtrack for the Fox TV show "Seducing Cindy" with GrooveMaker from his iPhone, while on an airplane:

“I needed to write a couple more music cues for ‘Seducing Cindy’ and decided to have a little fun experimenting with IK Multimedia’s new GrooveMaker iPhone app while on a flight back to my summer place in CT. So at 30,000 ft and about an hour into my flight, I plugged in my headphones to my iPhone 3GS (switched to airplane mode) and opened GrooveMaker for the first time. After watching a bit of the included tutorial (help menu), I got busy checking out the included loops and sequences and chose an appropriate palette of sounds and building blocks for the sultry strutting cue I had in mind to create for the show. 20 minutes later, I had my first of several pieces assembled and mixed. Once I was back on the ground and at my cottage on the lake, I pressed the export button, which then brought up a link I was easily able to grab from my laptop. I downloaded my song mixes, and dropped them onto my FTP site for the show's editors to grab. Just like that!”

“It's always good to find new ways to be productive, especially in situations where you might not ordinarily be able. Instead of sitting through a movie I've already seen, I got work done and had fun doing it.”

“All of the GrooveMaker app selections have varied loops to choose from. I chose ‘House’ and ‘Drum 'N Bass’ to start out with. It's true that I tried the original GrooveMaker for Mac nearly a decade ago and did make some cues for the first seasons of ‘Survivor’ and ‘Fear Factor’. Again, it was matter of having a large body of cues to write in a short amount of time and it was a fun way to contribute to the coffers.”
Russ Landau, Emmy® winning film and TV composer for FOX, CBS and more.

There are 4 GrooveMaker applications already available on the iTunes store: FREE, House, Hip-Hop and Club, and 4 more to come soon for every dance music style, including a fully functional FREE version that you can download to start making music right away!

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