Fireflies West Ignites Kick Off Ride on October 9, 2009


Last Updated: October 2, 2009 5:43 pm GMT
(October 2, 2009) On October 9th 2009, a group of film directors, film production and advertising executives will set off on their bikes for a six-day cycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles in the inaugural "Fireflies West" ride.

A sister-ride to the annual 1000 KM event in the French Alps, Fireflies West hopes to raise event awareness with the goal of fundraising for the Leukemia charity, Leuka ( ).

Participants in the 2009 Fireflies West include riders from Ridley Scott and Associates (the original founders and supporter of the ride), The Mill LA, Restless Films, Zoic Studios and advertising agency 180 to name a few. In total 25 riders will cycle down the coast of California.

Jake Scott, a founding Fireflies rider, recalls: "In June 2001, five guys got together to ride across the French Alps for The Catherine Lewis Centre at Hammersmith Hospital in London. We did well, and we were asked if we would do it again the following year. The last night of the second year's ride we had to descend the final mountain in the dark. The moon was hidden and none of us had lights. As we entered the forest it became virtually impossible to see. And then suddenly thousands upon thousands of Fireflies appeared, hovering above the road, as if to guide us through the darkness. It was the most magical thing you've ever seen. As we came upon the first town light they vanished and we were safe. What's incredible is the gene that allows fireflies to glow is helping researchers track the effectiveness of anti-cancer drugs. Much like it helped us descend the mountain."

"Now the ride is a living thing," he continues, "and here we are in 2009 looking forward to the American Fireflies West ride. It's because of the dedication to the belief that we can fight cancer and save lives. As our motto says: For those who suffer we ride."

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