Sarofsky Corp. Makes Motion Design Imprint with Quartet of Diverse Projects


Last Updated: October 20, 2009 5:36 pm GMT
(Chicago, Illinois--October 20, 2009) Just six months after its launch, Sarofsky Corp. is attaining its goal of bringing high-end design and concepting to many disciplines including advertising, entertainment and broadcast television.

An independent thinker with a diverse range of style, Founder/Creative Director Erin Sarofsky has dedicated her new company to her approach and understanding of content and how to drive it. Recent examples include main titles for the new NBC comedy "Community," an iPhone app for Coke, an expansive campaign for GM and feature titles for the just-released "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies." With these projects and more, Sarofsky Corp is making a decisive mark on the design world.

Building on her creative offerings, Sarofsky has entered into an affiliation with SpeakeasyFX ( ). SpeakeasyFX is a boutique effects company tapped by Sarofsky for select projects where high-end 3D is a key ingredient and with which she has a seamless workflow.

NBC's "Community" features an ensemble of quirky community college misfits who form a study group (Joel McHale, Chevy Chase) for various reasons, not all academic. To set the tone for the show via its opening credit sequence, Sarofsky Corp. Creative Director Erin Sarofsky brainstormed her concepts with show creators Dan Harmon and the EP/Directors Russo Brothers. Sarofsky landed on the cootie catcher (aka fortune teller) as the perfect paper canvas to display credits, which are surrounded by doodles that are unique to each character.

"The cootie catcher is inherently cheeky, nostalgic, rich with texture, and totally playful -- all of which speaks both literally and metaphorically to the show," says Sarofsky. "This project was a rare treat - the opportunity to brand a comedy series with an iconic opening and work so harmoniously with the show's creators. They enthusiastically embraced our concept and were exceptional to work with on all levels."

Future vision: Interactive + consulting company welikesmall turned to Sarosfky design graphics and animation for Coca-Cola's first-ever iPhone app for agency Wieden & Kennedy. Here, the Coke bottle is a visual take on the traditional magic 8-ball; users shake the bottle, pop the cap and watch the answer reveal itself as the liquid washes over the screen. The app was a massive hit, quickly reaching number one on iTunes top 10 lists in numerous countries including Ireland, Mexico, Germany and Italy, with over 500,000 downloads to date.

"Key to this project was Erin's ability to create realistic liquid assets within the bandwidth constraints of an iPhone app," explains welikesmall founder Co-Founder Michael Kern. "I have known Erin for many years and knew her background in both digital production and design would be the perfect combination for the project."

GM's new graphics-powered campaign is part of a collaboration between agency McCann Erickson and Sarofsky. "May the Best Car Win" is a multi-pronged rollout that began as a graphics-only viral teaser that helped lay the aesthetic foundation for a series of beautiful live-action spots directed by Backyard's Jeffrey Karoff and featuring design by Sarofsky. The television commercials compare GM's models with its competitors for head-turning results and are currently rolling out nationwide.

"Not only does Erin give us a great range of work, ideas and design, she and her team are tireless," says McCann Associate Creative Director Chris Sadlier. "On our GM retail projects, we're typically given no time to produce an immense amount of work. Erin always delivers. She never misses a deadline and our client is always happy with the end product."

Pow! Zing! Smash! The feature main title for the new animated movie "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies" for Warner Video and DC Animation tips the hat to Saul Bass. The project is a 2:17 long animated piece that captures the spirit of classic 1960's film titles. Bold and slightly abstract, the animated twists and turns are geometric references to the power of comic heroes as pop culture icons and a playful lead-in for the graphic novel-style drama to unfold.

"High end production belongs everywhere and there shouldn't be a hierarchy when it comes to thoughtfully produced work," says Sarofsky. "We want to bring exceptional looking, idea-directed execution to everything we touch. It's our passion and commitment."

About Erin Sarofsky:
Erin Sarofsky launched her career at Digital Kitchen where she quickly ascended from Designer to Creative Director. There she worked on many high profile commercials for Coca-Cola, McDonald's, AT&T, PBS and Budweiser. She also designed main titles for Touchstone Pictures, Spyglass Productions, Paramount Pictures and Dreamworks and was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for her main title design for 'Ghost Whisperer'. Erin was then hired by Superfad as Creative Director at their newly formed New York office where she spearheaded projects for X-Games, McGraw-Hill and American Express. With this experience, Erin launched Sarofsky Corp. with offices in Chicago and Los Angeles.


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