Ringside Creative Builds New Digitial Intermediate (DI) Suite At Detroit Facility


Last Updated: November 2, 2009 8:00 pm GMT
(Oak Park, Michigan--November 2, 2009) RingSide Creative has unveiled a newly-built digital intermediate (DI) color grading suite, providing the production and film community with a powerful resource whose video and audio features far exceed anything else in Michigan.

The investment in the suite is a clear statement of the company's support for the film and advertising industries, bringing a Hollywood-style post production experience to Detroit.

RingSide Creative's new DI suite boasts a comfortable atmosphere and the latest digital imaging and audio technology. Key components include a Digital Vision Film Master 2K color grading system, a Spirit 2K film scanner, a DVS SAN, a HD Projector, a 52-inch plasma monitor, a professional-grade TV Logic grading monitor and a Genelec 5.1 full surround sound system. The room is capable of grading either film-original or digitally-acquired media for delivery in any medium, including theatrical, HD and standard definition video, as well as Internet and mobile formats.

The addition of the DI suite is in keeping with RingSide Creative's commitment to working at the forefront of digital imaging and its support for digital workflows. The company introduced 2K scanning to the Detroit market and also operates the region's most sophisticated digital dailies lab. "We have always been fueled by innovation and are committed to delivering the best resources, expertise and creative talent to develop and produce assets for any media, whether it's for web, print, broadcast, theatrical release," says RingSide Creative owner and CEO Doug Cheek. "We can now accommodate any creative post production workflow."

RingSide Creative is targeting its DI suite primarily at its core advertising and broadcast clients, in particular the growing number of projects that require delivery in multiple formats. The suite's projection screen and various monitoring devices allow media to be graded and reviewed in the way it will be ultimately displayed. The suite also creates an opportunity for RingSide Creative to expand into a new market-post work for independent films and other long form projects.

The DI suite is fully compatible with today's 2K and 4K digital acquisition cameras, including the Red One, Viper, Phantom and Arri D21 cameras, which are becoming increasingly popular for both commercials and independent films. RSC has already accumulated considerable experience in working with the new digital formats and has a firm grasp of all of the technical and creative issues related to digital-acquired media in post production processes.

"We understand that cinematographers put their heart and souls into their shoots," notes RingSide Creative Colorist, Rick Unger, "and we share their passion for making those images come to life. The image display is everything - it has to be pristine. When you look at the pictures, you want to feel the image."

The DI suite's Digital Vision color grader is linked directly to the facility's 24TB shared storage system. That allows the colorist to share access to media files with RingSide Creative's editors and visual effects artists. "We are currently working on a series of short spots for Meijers shot on Red camera," says Unger. "Our workflow allows us to load our storage with 4K images and move them into Color and Visual effects very easily. The great part is we all work on the same project at the same time. It is a very effective way to create stunning visuals."

RingSide Creative remains bullish on the future of film and advertising production in Michigan and nationwide, as well as its own ability to keep pace with the advance of digital imaging technology. "We are always asking the question what's possible?" says Cheek. "As an Integrated Media Studio(tm) we connect creative ideas with a broad set of capabilities in an effort to deliver a stronger, more integrated campaign that is relevant audiences and gets results across all media channels."

RingSide Creative is located at 13320 Northend, Oak Park, MI 48237. For more information call sales at (248) 548-2500 or visit sales@ringsidecreative.com.


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