Fletcher Camera Expands into Third Phantom Camera


Trains Technicians throughout the Midwest

Last Updated: November 12, 2009 7:36 pm GMT
(November 12, 2009) Fletcher Camera & Lenses, the Chicago and Detroit based camera rental house, recently took delivery of their third high-speed Phantom camera, this time focusing on the high quality imagery delivered by the Phantom HD Gold.

Tom Fletcher, VP / Marketing of Fletcher, noted that the key to the company’s success with high-speed digital cameras is having thoroughly trained local technicians.

Fletcher’s commitment to education has been apparent for years. In keeping with his philosophy of supporting new technology and nurturing local talent, Fletcher recently sent six students to Abel Cine Tech to be trained by Phantom expert Jesse Rosen, Abel’s Director of Technology. “This is an essential step in Fletcher’s support of the Phantom camera in the region,” explained Rosen.

“Having experienced and competent local crews greatly helps ensure a production’s success,” explained local Production Manager Michelle Tocash, “and more importantly, it saves the production money by avoiding travel costs.”

Fletcher’s Midwest Phantom Technicians
  • Henry Abler – St. Louis
  • Ted Conniff – Minneapolis
  • Brian Faes – Detroit
  • Jim Keen – Chicago
  • Mike Shearon – Chicago
  • Brian Wells – Indianapolis

On a regular basis the students will continue to refine their skills and knowledge of the camera system, guided by Mike Sippel, Director of Engineering at Fletcher’s Chicago facility. Testing will also take place in each of the technicians’ markets with local area production companies and cinematographers.

Pete Abel, President and CEO of Abel Cine Tech explained, “we have worked with Fletcher many times over the past ten years and see their acquisition of the Phantom HD Gold as a strong statement of their place in the market. Abel is honored to have such a well-respected company endorse this product and put their considerable reputation and resources behind its success.”

“Abel Cine Tech had done an outstanding job taking an industrial camera and transforming it into a high-end creative tool for a very demanding and discerning industry of artists and technicians,” stated Fletcher. “I feel that the production community is in great hands having Abel as the interface with Vision Research, making sure that elements like the viewfinder, CineMags, and other essential production accessories work well together as a complete system,” he concluded.

This program for the Phantom HD Gold shows once again the strong bond between Fletcher and Abel Cine Tech and Abel’s continued commitment to Fletcher’s core Midwest Rental market.

With the positive response from the Midwestern production community, Fletcher is committed to staying the course and adding more Phantom packages as the market demands.

About Abel Cine Tech, Inc.
Abel Cine Tech, established in 1989, is a leading supplier of professional film and HD equipment with facilities in New York City, Burbank, CA and Chicago, IL. The company is a Sony Elite III Reseller, Panasonic Specialty Reseller, the exclusive US agent for Aaton motion picture cameras, and the North American agent to the production market for Phantom high-speed cameras. Abel is also the exclusive reseller of specialty equipment including Panther Broadcast tripods and dollies, NULL optics and Air Sea Land Gear, as well as a reseller of major broadcast equipment lines. For more information, visit http://www.abelcine.com.

About Fletcher Camera & Lenses
Fletcher Camera & Lenses, established in 1987, is a Midwest camera rental house with facilities in Chicago and Detroit serving independent films, television shows, and commercials. Fletcher features a complete inventory of 16mm, 35mm (3- and 4-Perf) and digital products from Arri, Sony, Red, Zeiss, Cooke, Fujinon and Angenieux. For more information, visit http://www.fletch.com


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