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Last Updated: November 23, 2009 7:04 pm GMT
(November 23, 2009) Acclaimed for its ability to render filmlike images, the ARRIFLEX D-21 digital camera is an industry workhorse with a slate of TV shows admired by audiences and critics alike.

Series include V (ABC), Community (NBC), Lie To Me (Fox), Nurse Jackie (Showtime), Bored To Death (HBO) and Supernatural (CW). From comedies to episodic dramas, the D-21 brings an artful aesthetic and simple workflow to productions of all types. In addition, the camera’s familiar operation allows crews accustomed to shooting on film a quick, painless transition to shooting digital.

Says Stephan Ukas-Bradley, ARRI’s Digital Production Product Manager: “The ARRIFLEX D-21 has proven to be a creative tool that is efficient and dependable in a variety of shooting scenarios. We are very proud of the amazing work these storytellers are accomplishing with this camera.”

Bored To Death is an offbeat comedy starring Jason Schwartzman as a writer who becomes a private investigator. Ted Danson and Zach Galifiniakis co-star in this show shot with two D-21s on location in New York City by DP Vanja Cernjul. The hit series has been renewed for a sophomore season.

Cernjul is also behind the camera on Nurse Jackie. The half-hour drama stars Edie Falco as an unconventional nurse who must navigate the intricate health care. The pilot episode was the highest rated premiere in Showtime’s history.

V is an updated re-imagining of the 1983 science fiction miniseries. USA Today’s Robert Bianco put V on his list of top ten new shows. Stephen Jackson serves as Director of Photography for the drama, incorporating much visual effects and greenscreen work with more character-driven scenes.

Community is a comedy starring Joel McHale and Chevy Chase. DP James Hawkinson developed a striking look that distinguishes the show from many other comedies currently on air. The production utilizes a compressed file-based workflow by recording to Sony XDcam, which enables a very time and cost efficient way to edit.

Lie To Me stars Tim Roth as a lie detection specialist who determines the truth by interpreting body language and psychology. The show takes advantage of the D-21’s full sensor for shallow depth of field to capture with extreme close-ups, the small tics and expressions people inadvertently communicate when they lie. The series is photographed by Jerry Siddell and Joseph Gallegher.

Supernatural is a thrilling drama following two brothers as they battle evil. The series is now in its fifth season with the last two seasons shot on the D-21. The show has a moody look that was established by DP Serge Ladouceur to reflect the dark themes of the show.

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