Offhollywood Sees The Future in 3D. First on East Coast To Offer Advanced Technica 3D Camera Rigs


Lightweight, Easy-to-Use 3D Camera Rigs Round Out Offhollywood's Comprehensive 3D Equipment, Production Support, and Post Services

Last Updated: December 3, 2009 7:42 pm GMT
(New york--December 3, 2009) Leading digital cinema company Offhollywood will be the first East Coast company to market with the latest Technica 3D camera rigs, which offer advanced 3D functionality and electronics, easy configuration, a lightweight design, and a much lower price tag than competing systems.

Equipped with the latest in production tools, including the full range of Technica 3D rigs and a comprehensive RED™ camera offering, Offhollywood is positioned to provide high-end 3D services from start to finish, from equipment rental to production tech support, and through post-production.

"Our 3D camera rigs are designed with the sophistication, functionality, and simplicity required to enable filmmakers to create 3D content using their regular 2D crews, and Offhollywood is an ideal partner for bringing these solutions to the production market," said Stephen Pizzo who co-founded Technica 3D with Hector Ortega. "Our range of 3D camera rigs complements the remarkable camera technologies now on the market, making high-quality 3D production a possibility for more than an elite few. We're very excited to be partnering with Offhollywood to put smart, compact, and affordable 3D solutions into the hands of filmmakers working in New York and throughout the United States."

"At Offhollywood we're committing to 3D in the same way we embraced RED cameras and technology," said Offhollywood CTO and co-founder Mark L. Pederson. "As an early tester of innovative technologies that promise to have tremendous significance for the industry, and through our close relationship with the Technica 3D engineering team, we can give our customers the benefit of the most advanced solutions for 3D production, as well as the technical direction and support to ensure the success of a project. With 3D color grading capabilities, the most sophisticated video assist solutions, and our own Dolby® screening theater on-site, we are prepared to provide the best in 3D equipment, production, and post."

Offhollywood will supply and support Technica 3D camera rigs in all three models and sizes: the full-size Quasar, the mid-size Pulsar, and the small Neutron. In contrast to alternative 3D production solutions, which have typically involved heavy and complex pieces of equipment requiring specialized tools and a dedicated crew, the Technica 3D series of rigs makes 3D production easier and more affordable for a much broader range of filmmakers.

As camera and rig technologies continue to evolve, Offhollywood will continue to work closely with RED and Technica 3D to test and refine products for 3D production. Offhollywood will be the first post-production house to test and offer the new RED Epic™ -X Tattoo camera, due for release by the end of 2009. The company's 3D customers will be able to pair this RED camera with the Pulsar rig from Technica 3D to take advantage of bleeding-edge 3D production technology.

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