Entertainment Companies Streamline Motion Capture Workflow with Vicon Blade


Software System Simplifies Capture & Processing of Motion Capture Data for 3D Animation

Last Updated: December 3, 2009 7:47 pm GMT
(Oxford, UK--December 3, 2009) Vicon, an Academy Award®-winning developer of motion capture products, today announced that growing numbers of entertainment companies have adopted its Blade motion caption processing software system in recent months.

The company is seeing momentum for Blade grow as studios worldwide look to streamline their performance capture pipelines to create 3D animation for games, movies, advertising, and other media.

Designed to work with Vicon's real-time motion capture systems, Blade provides a single, unified toolset that supports the demands of full performance capture, on-set visualization, and makes capturing and processing motion capture data for 3D animation simple and direct.

"Incorporating Blade into our motion capture pipeline allowed us to concentrate on our mission: to deliver the best possible mocap data for our video games," said Steve Park, Motion Capture Coordinator at Novato, California-based 2K Games. "We no longer have to spend weeks figuring out how to integrate different pieces of software when Blade's flexibility and built-in scripting language allows us to do what we want, the way we want to do it."

Vicon Blade is a complete motion capture processing system that can be configured as a simpler tool for smaller facilities, or as a highly customized and hardware-scalable tool for very large studio uses. Blade comes with a full suite of plug-ins for Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya and MotionBuilder and also includes native support of .XSI and .FBX file formats.

London-based animation company Digi-guys recently added Blade to its pipeline. Motion capture supervisor Andrew Hutchinson said, "We had been using iQ but decided to switch after seeing Blade. I was really impressed with the ease of use and the functionality of the software - it's great. The new kinematic solver was particularly eye-catching and brilliantly fast. We're all excited about Blade and how it will improve our mo-cap data."

Joining these customers are a number of worldwide entertainment companies who have recently added Blade to their motion capture pipeline including Activision, Capcom, Creative Assembly, Electronic Arts, Epic Games, Eurocom, Imagemovers Digital, Industrial Light & Magic, Metric Minds, Perspective Studios, Plastic Wax, Quantic Dream, Rainmaker, Square Enix, Ubisoft and more.

Vicon CEO and President Douglas Reinke, said, "We're pleased that Blade is having such a positive impact on our customers' productivity and creativity. These companies are on the cutting edge of performance capture for 3D animation, and their input into development is invaluable. We'll continue to work with customers to ensure Blade has the right capabilities while keeping performance ruthlessly fast."

About Vicon
Academy Award®-winning Vicon is the world's largest supplier of precision motion tracking systems, and match moving software. It serves customers in the CG animation industry, film, visual effects, computer games, and broadcast television, as well as engineering and life science industries. Vicon operates in four offices worldwide, including its Los Angeles-based Entertainment headquarters: a 26,000 square-foot facility equipped with three performance capture stages for Vicon's service company House of Moves.

Vicon is a subsidiary of OMG (Oxford Metrics Group - LSE: OMG), plc., a group of technology companies that produces image-understanding solutions for the Entertainment, Defense, Life Science and Engineering markets. Other holdings include: 2d3, a manufacturer of specialized image understanding software for defense applications; Yotta DCL our highways surveying business in the UK; and Yotta MVS, a leading US provider of data collection services for the assessment of property taxation.

Vicon and OMG global clients include: Life Science leaders University of Pennsylvania, the VA Hospitals, Shriners Hospitals for Children, Titleist Golf, The Andrews Institute; Engineering industry leaders Ford, BMW, Airbus, Lockheed, Pratt-Whitney, NASA, Caterpillar, International Truck, and Toyota; and Entertainment companies Sony Pictures Imageworks, Sony Computer Entertainment, Industrial Light and Magic, Sega, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Vivendi, Electronic Arts, Square Enix and many others.

For more information about OMG and its subsidiaries, visit http://www.omg3d.com , http://www.vicon.com , http://www.vicon.com/boujou , http://www.2d3.com , http://www.yotta.tv , or http://www.yottamvs.com.


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