Offhollywood Takes 'The Mortician 3D' to Another Dimension With State-of-the-Art 3D Production Gear, Technical Support, and Talent


Urban Noir Thriller Starring Method Man Relies on Bleeding-Edge Technology From Offhollywood to Become First 3D Film Shot in 4.5K Resolution

Last Updated: December 22, 2009 7:19 pm GMT
(New York--December 22, 2009) Leading digital cinema company Offhollywood has provided "The Mortician 3D," a gritty urban gangster film written and directed by Gareth Maxwell Roberts, with the latest in high-end 3D production tools, 3D technical support, and behind-the-camera talent.

Produced by Full Circle of London, in association with belladonna productions and Films in Motion, the feature began shooting in November 2009, relying on Offhollywood for the most advanced RED™ camera technology, the newest Technica 3D camera rigs, 3D-capable QTAKE HD digital video assist, technical support, and the expertise of stereographer Keith Collea.

"Whether for a big-budget studio film or for an independent feature, we are committed to helping line producers and producers successfully budget and staff a 3D production," said Offhollywood CTO and Co-founder Mark L. Pederson. "By packaging bleeding-edge technologies with experienced technical staff, we provide productions such as 'The Mortician 3D' with early access to the most advanced 3D systems — and engineer efficient workflows that maximize the impact and value of these technologies."

"The Mortician 3D" is a tale of redemption that draws on the multiple genres of noir, contemporary fairytale, and psychological thriller. In addition to hip-hop star Method Man ("The Wackness," "How High," "Garden State"), the film features Angelic Zambrana ("Fighting," "Precious"), Tom Hardy ("Bronson," "RocknRolla," "Mad Max 4"), and Edward Furlong ("American History X," "Night of the Demons"). Against the backdrop of a decaying metropolis, the film tells the story of how, for one man, kindness ultimately triumphs over cruelty despite the violence and corruption of the dying city.

The film is shooting in New Orleans on RED ONE™ cameras, equipped with RED 4.5k resolution firmware and mounted on a Technica 3D Quasar™ camera, and on SI-2K MINI cameras mounted on Technica 3D's Neutron™ rig for steadicam and handheld shots. Keith Collea, who has extensive experience working with the Technica 3D gear, joins Director of Photography Mike McDonough and his team behind the camera systems from Offhollywood.

With 3D color grading capabilities, the most sophisticated video assist solutions, and an on-site Dolby® screening theater, Offhollywood is offers filmmakers the best in 3D equipment, production, and post services. More information about Offhollywood and its unique 3D, digital cinema, and RED-focused services is available at

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Offhollywood is a digital cinema company based in New York City and Louisiana. An early adopter and innovator, Offhollywood is steeped in emerging technologies, R&D, and cutting-edge production and post-production techniques. Actively partnering with leading hardware and software vendors, Offhollywood is tapped both by major studios and independent producers to tackle the most challenging projects. A leader in 4K digital cinema services, Offhollywood has been providing RED ONE™ 4K cameras, technical support, workflow, and post-production services since the first RED cameras were released. Offhollywood is also currently providing state-of-the-art 3D imaging and post solutions. Since its founding by Mark L. Pederson and Aldey Sanchez in 2003, Offhollywood has provided production, editorial, color grading, and finishing services to scores of feature, television, and commercial projects. More information is available at


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