Cinearc, High-Concept Design Studio, Launched by Charlie Hellwig


Focusing On “Experience Design” for Luxury Markets

Last Updated: January 6, 2010 8:27 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--January 6, 2010) Creative Director Charlie Hellwig has formed Cinearc, a creative agency specializing in 3D visualization, motion graphics, and branding for architecture, broadcast, transportation and product design.

Hellwig previously co-founded Fourwall Design in 2006, producing work for such clients as Frank O. Gehry, FOX, ESPN, and VW Design.

According to Hellwig, Cinearc’s mission is to address the need for high-concept visual content for the luxury markets including luxury hotels, fashion, and automotive brands.

Focusing on “Experience Design,” Cinearc’s team sports backgrounds in architecture, design, visual effects, filmmaking and graphics. “We strive to blur the boundaries between these disciplines,” said Hellwig. “The studio was invented to be an integral resource to architects, developers, advertising and marketing agencies, postproduction and industrial design studios. Our goal is to create extraordinary visuals and custom media in a collaborative and connected way.”

For an architectural competition, Cinearc recently completed a "cinematic" vision on behalf of SPF:architects for the design and construction of the Institute for Music to be built in Calgary, Canada. “We leveraged our backgrounds as architects and visual effects artists and rendered a ‘photoreal’ previsualization exploratation of the center,” said Hellwig.

Earlier in the year, Hellwig worked on the branding and art direction for a new luxury oriented boutique hotel for Hilton Hotels. "Because of our understanding of architectural design and marketing, I was able to communicate a clearer vision of the possibilities of the new hotel to the advertising agency and architect. Together we were able to create a much more powerful project than the client had initially anticipated.”

Cinearc has just completed an interactive driving simulation for Mitsubishi of North America. This is a full interactive experience that allows the driver to feel the performance of the new 2010 Outlander, allowing driver navigation through a designed retro-futurist landscape.

With Offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Denver, Cinearc is positioned to create progressive content for 3d, video, print and web.

Cinearc’s clients include Ford, Adidas, Comcast, DirecTV, ESPN, Graft Architects, FOX, Frank O. Gehry, Hilton Hotels, Fuel Design, Mitsubishi, Montalba Architects, Radium, SyFy, Starwood Hotels, Sway, Trollback Design and VW Design Group.

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