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Vancouver Film School and Pixologic Announce Official Partnership

Last Updated: January 26, 2010 6:10 pm GMT
(Vancouver, BC--January 26, 2010) Vancouver Film School (VFS), Canada’s premier entertainment arts institution, and Pixologic, maker of the award-winning 2D/3D sculpting, texturing, and painting application ZBrush, today announced an official partnership agreement to provide VFS with full access to educational licenses for Pixologic’s cutting-edge software, ZBrush.

The partnership is the first of its kind for Pixologic in Canada. The agreement will primarily benefit students of VFS’s Animation & Visual Effects programs, respected worldwide for their graduates, including District 9 director Neill Blomkamp among many others. VFS students will have access to the latest innovative tools available in ZBrush, upgrades and technical support.

“Pixologic enthusiastically supports education and is committed to providing artists with the most innovative cutting edge tools of their craft,” says Pixologic Chief Operating Officer Jaime Labelle. “From illustration to animation and visual effects to game design, we at Pixologic recognize the standard of excellence that comes from the entire VFS community and are thrilled to partner and support them in their creative process.”

ZBrush’s place within the Animation & Visual Effects curriculum means that students are provided with skills and experience in a tool that is widely used on top films like Avatar, Watchmen, and District 9, and games like Gears of War 2 and Dragon Age: Origins, all properties on which VFS Animation & Visual Effects graduates have worked. The partnership gives students at VFS a crucial advantage as they begin their careers.

“This partnership really allows us to take advantage of what Pixologic brings to the table with their products,” says VFS’s Managing Director Marty Hasselbach. “It also allows Pixologic to benefit from what VFS does, and that is create fantastic work using their cutting-edge software, ZBrush.”

To learn more about the partnership and to view examples of student work using ZBrush, visit vfs.com/pixologic

About Vancouver Film School
Vancouver Film School is Canada’s premier post-secondary entertainment arts institution and one of the most distinguished in the world. Its 13 production-oriented programs encompass all aspects of visual media, from Animation & Visual Effects to Acting to Film Production to Game Design to Sound Design. In one year or less, students at VFS work with industry leaders in a studio environment while creating professional-quality reels and films that get them noticed on the global stage. VFS graduates have a profound effect on the entertainment industry, playing key roles behind the scenes in 9 of the 10 highest grossing films of 2009.

About Pixologic Incorporated
Pixologic Incorporated was founded in 1997, and develops and markets innovative software tools for the film and video, games, graphic design and illustration markets. Pixologic is privately owned and is located in California with offices in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area and Bordeaux, France.

About ZBrush
ZBrush is an integrated modeling, texturing, and illustration environment. ZBrush’s innovative set of real-time sculpting, texturing, and deformation tools is used in major film studios and game companies worldwide. Its instant feedback and real-time response makes it the most natural feeling digital sculpting tool available today. As a stand-alone application, ZBrush offers tremendous flexibility and appeals to a wide audience.


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