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Last Updated: March 8, 2010 6:56 pm GMT
(New York--March 8, 2010) Editor Jeremy Baumann has joined creative digital shop Click 3X as a fulltime editor.

Baumann worked for five years at the NYC office of Red Car. As an assistant editor on commercial campaigns, music videos, web content as well as long and short-form projects, he was an integral part of the Red Car culture. Baumann's enthusiasm and zest for cutting earned him multiple opportunities to cut his own spots for clients. Saatchi & Saatchi producer, Zamile Vilakazi said, "In the past couple of years I've been fortunate enough to work with Jeremy many times. While he is obviously quite collaborative, Jeremy also has great instincts and is a tireless editor who always comes up with intelligent solutions for our projects. We all love working with Jeremy, it's more than a pleasure, it's a hell of a good time."

Baumann is seasoned on both Avid and Final Cut Pro. He has worked on campaigns for brands such as Puma, Pillsbury, Tide, Urban Outfitters and Visa for agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi, MRM Worldwide and CommonHealth to name a few.

Baumann moved to NYC from Dallas, Texas in 2006. He holds an associate of applied science in video production from the Art Institute of Dallas. A 3-time triathlete, his upcoming schedule includes meets in May, July, September and October. Jeremy brings the same energy to track & field and the New Years Day Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge that he delivers to clients in the edit room every day. Says Head of Sales Trevor King, "Jeremy personifies what I call `owning the room'. Clients just adore him and I plan on introducing him to many new ones this year. We're thrilled he came to Click 3X".
About :

New York-based Click 3X produces cutting-edge visual solutions for commercials, feature films, television, music videos, and broadcast clients around the globe. Founded in 1993, Click 3X has become one of the preeminent providers of innovative media content, housed in an environment led by artists, yet supported by one of the most technologically advanced digital studios in the industry. With award-winning design, powerful visual effects, and a visionary animation team, Click 3X has worked on array of diverse highly-recognizable projects, including a series of films from academy-award winning directors like Jonathan Demme and Davis Guggenheim, a recent multimedia package for eight HD Time Warner spots, My Home 2.0, a five episode reality TV series for Verizon Fios, and a long line of recent commercials for major brands such as Sharp, Ford, and Goodyear.

In addition to Click 3X's commercial and film expertise, their interactive design studio, ClickFire Media, specializes in multi-platform, media-rich interactive campaigns. CFM partners with agencies and entertainment industry clients in the conceptualization, design, and development of immersive branded experiences. Through insight and innovation, CFM combines the latest interactive technologies with the best design, video, animation, and live action skills from Click 3X to deliver integrated solutions in the ever-developing media landscape. Haunt is a division that specializes in cutting-edge motion design for music videos, virals, and installations, and has worked with many of the industry's top music talent and directors. Click 3X Entertainment focuses on broadcast branding and design, rounding out the company's expertise for every screen.

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