Dataton brings WATCHOUT Version 4.2 and Systems Manager to PALME Middle East


Enhanced flexibility, remote control, scheduling and enhanced interfaces for complex and high-impact multimedia demonstrations

Last Updated: March 30, 2010 3:20 pm GMT
(Linköping, Sweden--March 30, 2010) Swedish image processing and show-control specialist Dataton returns to Dubai for the PALME Middle East tradeshow with a new take on its flagship product, Dataton WATCHOUT™. Version 4.2 of WATCHOUT, which will be making its regional debut at the show, incorporates a new development, WATCHOUT Systems Manager.

Based on Adobe Flash technology, WATCHOUT Systems Manager allows users to create interactive front ends for their WATCHOUT-driven systems and presentations. It includes two ready-to-run applications for remote control and scheduling of shows, and also features an Application Programming Interface (API) and a Communications Library so that users can create their own applications.

Excited by the company’s move to bring WATCHOUT 4.2 and Systems Manager to the PALME Middle East tradeshow, Michael Engström, Director of Sales at Dataton, explains: “Remote control and scheduling are invaluable aids in larger, more complex multimedia installations. The remote-control application within WATCHOUT Systems Manager gives users remote access to many key aspects of a show, while the monitor application lets you keep track of a number of WATCHOUT display systems, build programs from one or more shows, and schedule them by dragging them into a weekly calendar. Best of all, both applications come with full source code – so people can use them as starting points for their own applications.”

Continuing a successful partnership with Norway’s projectiondesign®, Dataton will be co-exhibiting with the projector manufacturer at PALME Middle East. WATCHOUT will be used as the image-processing and scheduling platform for two separate projection systems each using three projectors to form a seamless, widescreen image, and Engström believes the combination will wow existing customers and newcomers alike as well as demonstrate how they can be used in the real life working environment:

“Thanks to pioneering work by partners and integrators on projects such as the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) annual celebrations, we are firmly established in the UAE. But the launch of WATCHOUT Systems Manager takes our offering to a new level of versatility, and we expect it to generate a lot of interest at PALME Middle East.”

And Engström concludes: “PALME Middle East is just one of many events that will see us launching exciting new products, demonstrating new applications, and building our profile on an international scale. This is going to be a busy year for Dataton!”

About Dataton
Renowned Swedish audiovisual show control manufacturer, Dataton has firmly established themselves in the international market since the 1980s. Their flagship products include their award-winning Dataton WATCHOUT™ multidisplay production and presentation system as well as their intuitive PICKUP™ audio guide. The latest addition to the product portfolio is the WATCHOUT Systems Manager which powerfully exploits networking capabilities and provides interactive front ends for seamless control of powerful and high-impact audiovisual presentations.

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