Softel Wins Broadcast Engineering Excellence Runner-Up Award for The Mill Subtitling Installation


Last Updated: April 6, 2010 3:50 pm GMT
(Pangbourne, England--April 6, 2010) Softel has been awarded Broadcast Engineering's Excellence Award in the runner-up category for its implementation of a digital subtitling workflow based on Softel Swift vTX at London's The Mill.

The award, voted by Broadcast Engineering's readership, is a benchmark of achievement for high-quality design and innovation.

The Mill's dedicated subtitling and captioning operation, Adtext, offers broadcast-quality subtitling and distribution to advertising clients and is a premium brand in the commercial subtitling market, working on around 90 percent of the output from the major advertising agencies.

Adtext's decision to move from a tape-based operation to a file-based workflow was taken with the dual aims of streamlining the subtitling procedure, making it easier for the team, while lowering operating costs with a reduced hardware overhead.

"The system we created, based on Softel's Swift vTX, has given us around 50 percent better productivity in our subtitling operations," said Miles Stormer, Head of MCR and External Facilities at The Mill. "We replaced a cumbersome workflow with a flexible and streamlined process that is very efficient for the large throughput of subtitling work we do."

"It's an honour to be part of the team distinguished by this award," said Sam Pemberton, Softel CEO. "We congratulate Adtext and The Mill for recognizing that a onetime investment in the right system can generate a great increase in productivity over time. Subtitling and captioning is an increasingly important area for broadcasters and post houses, and the installation at Adtext exemplifies the state of the art today."

The Softel Swift vTX delivers flexible multichannel, multiformat file-based subtitle processing that enhances workflow efficiency and reduces operational cost. Eliminating risk in subtitle transmission, Swift vTX supports easy multichannel delivery and regional distribution through file-based workflows and integrates readily into multiformat environments with a broad range of video servers and automation/workflow systems.

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