iPharro Media Brings Advanced Content Identification Capabilities to Signiant® Workflows


iPharro MediaSeeker™ Simplifies Tracking, Identification, and Control of Media Within Signiant® Content Supply Chain Management Workflows

Last Updated: April 13, 2010 4:59 am GMT
(DARMSTADT, GERMANY--April 13, 2010) Pharro Media today announced that the iPharro MediaSeeker™ can now be integrated with software from Signiant®, a leading developer of content supply chain management solutions, to give users access to powerful video fingerprinting, matching, viewing, and reporting capabilities. Incorporated into any existing Signiant workflow, the iPharro MediaSeeker component allows Signiant customers to build advanced content identification into their content workflows, unlocking an unprecedented degree of security and control over content while also eliminating the inefficiencies associated with standalone manual solutions.

"The availability of the iPharro MediaSeeker Core Platform's unique video fingerprinting technology from within the Signiant architecture is of tremendous value as content owners and producers optimize their digital media workflows and establish secure, efficient movement of media assets over distribution networks," said Rick Clarkson, senior director of product management at Signiant. "By taking advantage of this powerful integration, media-focused companies can establish secure management and movement of digital assets while maintaining a focus on their primary business processes."

iPharro MediaSeeker has been integrated with Signiant software through the Signiant Integrated Product Program (SIPP), which is designed to facilitate easy, cost-effective application of key digital content management technologies with the Signiant solution. Within the resulting workflow, iPharro's MediaSeeker ingests files from the Signiant system into the iPharro MediaSeeker Core platform, a highly scalable and fully configurable video indexing and identification engine, and returns a unique ID for each piece of video content. Armed with this ID, customers can use MediaSeeker's Web-based interface to view analysis and match reports. Throughout this process, the Signiant Manager allows users to monitor and control iPharro jobs.

"Tracking, identifying, and controlling media as it passes from creation through to distribution across multiple platforms is a daunting undertaking," said Mark Devins, director of business development at iPharro Media. "Our partnership with Signiant gives media companies a proven and flexible solution for simplifying this critical task within their day-to-day media management and distribution workflows."

More information about the iPharro MediaSeeker Core Platform and other iPharro Media products is available at http://www.ipharro.com.

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