CUDO purchases second OASYS end-to-end automated playout solution for new HD channel


Last Updated: April 13, 2010 6:03 am GMT
(Las Vegas NAB, NV--April 13, 2010) OASYS, the leading developer of PC-based automated playout systems, announced that CUDO Communication, the playout service for Korean broadcasting companies, has purchased a second end-to-end OASYS automated playout solution to service its new HD channel, Telenovela. The complete system was installed by DU Solution, the Korean systems integrator. The station was installed in only twenty days, and went live just two days after the system was commissioned.

CUDO initially purchased an OASYS automated playout solution for its first HD service, Mediacan, after specifying a solution that provided superior performance and reliability, and the ability to work with the playout centre's existing SD system. The OASYS solution allows the playout service to bring new customers to the playout centre, offering a cost effective and scalable HD solution. OASYS will also be fundamental in migrating existing SD channels to HD whilst offering a simultaneous SD and HD service from the same platform to its existing subscribers.

"The OASYS solution is simple and reliable, enabling CUDO Communication to set up and operate quickly and with minimum fuss," said Kevin Lee, Principal, DU Solution. "OASYS must be the only company worldwide to offer a twenty day delivery schedule - and deliver on it. We're delighted that this latest project is a further success for OASYS."

The all-in-one OASYS system allowed Telenovela, the new HD channel, to be set up within days and configured with bespoke functions in minutes. Since the playout solution is based on standard PCs it requires minimal training, is low maintenance and takes up very little room.

CUDO Communication was 'astonished' by the features that the all-in-one OASYS solution offered, including Korean language support, enhanced graphic representation, easy scheduling, capturing, VTR & Router Control, Excel file importing, and stability when applying a change whilst broadcasting.

"OASYS is one of our strategic partners. OASYS' solution is simple but powerful so that we can reduce operating cost and simplify our workflow," said J.C. Bae, Technical Manager of CUDO Communication.


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