Trinnov Introduces its New Loudness Meter at the 128th AES Convention in London


Last Updated: May 5, 2010 3:38 pm GMT
(Paris, France--May 5, 2010) Trinnov Audio has announced the availability of the Trinnov Loudness Meter, which complies to the upcoming EBU R-128 specifications for instantaneous, short term and long term loudness measurements. This new tool developed by Trinnov is already being used by France Télévisions, the french public broadcaster.

Trinnov’s Loudness Meter addresses the need for accurate and user-friendly loudness metering during live productions, post-production and quality control. It complements the Peak Meter and the Quasi-Peak Meter already offered by the first release of Trinnov’s SmartMeter, introduced in September 2009.

The Trinnov Loudness Meter displays all the loudness measurements in a single window:
  • Instantaneous loudness (400ms integration time) in the form of a bargraph
  • Short term loudness (3s integration time) in the form of a history graph
  • Long term loudness (with -8LU relative gating) in the form of a numeric value

It should be noted that all measurements are performed as specified in ITU-R BS.1770-1, which the EBU R-128 extends even further.

“By adding Loudness metering to our innovative SmartMeter, we are adding one more dimension that sound engineers can improve thanks to the use of our unique audio processors” says business development director Felipe Avila-Reyes. “We believe it makes a lot of sense to combine loudspeaker optimization with audio metering, as they both fit into the comprehensive monitoring section required by professional studios”.

Trinnov Loudness Meter is available immediately as part of the SmartMeter 2.0 software option. It is supported on all models of the Trinnov ST and MC processors.

Please visit us at the 128th AES Convention in London, May 23-25.

About EBU R-128
The upcoming loudness recommendation R128 is a work in progress by the PLOUD group at the EBU, chaired by Florian Camerer of the ORF. In addition to the recommendation itself, the group plans to issue a set of guidelines about how to produce and distribute audio material which meets the recommendation. For more information, please visit

About Trinnov Audio
Trinnov Audio is a team of engineers who are passionate about audio quality. We focus on developing innovative solutions that improve the quality of sound throughout the production chain until the end listener. Trinnov loudspeaker processors are used in music, broadcast and post-production studios around the world.


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