KLIPPEL Demonstrates QC & R&D SYSTEMS at AES in London


Last Updated: May 20, 2010 5:15 pm GMT
(London, UK--May 20, 2010) KLIPPEL will be demonstrating their QC & R&D SSYSTEM at Stand 1203 at the upcoming AES Convention in London.

The QC SYSTEM provides unique features for 100% end-of-line testing. Special test signals make ultra-fast measurements at high resolution possible. A 200ms stimulus sounding like a flash is already sufficient for comprehensive testing of a woofer with respect to SPL, THD, 2nd-5th harmonics, R&B, impedance, sensitivity, polarity and T/S parameters. Meta-hearing technology reveals loudspeaker defects like Rub & Buzz, loose particles and air leakage noise more sensitive than our ears. Full ambient noise immunity is realized by using a far field microphone, auto-repeat functionality and a new merging technique. The new Motor + Suspension Check (MSC) reveals voice coil offset and other defects of loudspeaker drive units operated in free air and in the final enclosure. New measurement tasks are provided to measure multi-channel systems comprising active and passive components.

KLIPPEL R&D SYSTEM provides a creative environment for loudspeaker research and development. The cone scanning vibrometer measures the mechanical vibration and geometry of cones and diaphragms up to 25 kHz. Unique analysis software predicts sound pressure output, directivity and reveals critical points in cone vibration and sound radiation. The R&D SYSTEM also provides a new vacuum measurement kit to perform reliable parameter measurements of tweeters, microspeakers and horn compression drivers. New templates and application notes are available giving step-by-step instructions for loudspeaker diagnostics.



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