Canon BU-50H Remote-Control Robotic PTZ HD 16:9 Cameras Chosen For The Telecommunications Cultural Center In The Dominican Republic


Last Updated: June 9, 2010 5:26 pm GMT
(Lake Success, New York--June 9, 2010) Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic and the oldest city in the Americas, is about to add a new attraction: the Telecommunications Cultural Center (TCC).

An interactive museum dedicated to the history of communications from jungle drums to PDAs, the TCC was established by Indotel, the Dominican Republic’s National Telecommunications Institute. Included in its complement of state-of-the-art AV equipment, the TCC is being outfitted with two Canon BU-50H remote-control robotic indoor 16:9 PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) HD camera systems so special events inside the new facility’s spacious auditorium can be captured in crystal-clear widescreen video.

“Canon is synonymous with high quality,” stated Michael W. Banks, President of Nutech Engineering, designer/integrator of the new facility. “With LCD panels and Blu-ray DVD becoming increasingly prevalent, people today expect to see extremely high-resolution video everywhere. We’re transmitting HD from beginning to end in this project, and the Canon BU-50H proved to be a cost-effective solution for meeting our specifications for capturing great video and sending it out to the world.”

Canon BU-50H remote-control robotic indoor 16:9 PTZ HD camera systems are engineered to provide exceptional video imagery and versatile performance for a variety of locations, including auditoriums. The BU-50H remote-control robotic indoor 16:9 PTZ HD camera system is designed with a non-proprietary control protocol. Users/system integrators can interface the BU-50H with their own control system or those of leading third-party providers for remote operation of the pan/tilt system and camera lens and video functions. Canon BU-50H cameras at the TCC will be controlled remotely by an operator using Vaddio's Precision Camera Controller. The Precision Camera Controller offers broadcast-quality joystick control for extremely smooth and accurate pan, tilt and zoom control, as well as CCU functionality to adjust red and blue gain, detail and iris with adjustable gain.

“My videoconference codec accepts the BU-50H’s direct HD-SDI signal, which means I can broadcast my videoconferences in full HD,” explains Banks. “Everyone will be able to watch these video conferences in real time instead of packets. The conferences can be distributed wherever they need to go, whether that’s on the fiber ring to the rest of the Dominican Republic, or to anywhere in the world.”

A highly experienced systems integrator with a long list of design credits, Banks is finding Canon’s BU-50H to be the ideal solution for a growing number of projects. “It’s got a lot of desirable features,” he observed. “When you’re talking about a 1.6 megapixel-per-picture image, that’s really great. I also like that the BU-50H provides a 20X zoom, with the pan/tilt motor built-in. Its very quiet operation was another feature that I took very much into consideration. We’ll be doing shot pre-sets, and I didn’t want people to be distracted by the noise.”

When the doors officially open to Santo Domingo’s newest museum, Canon’s 50H remote-control robotic indoor 16:9 PTZ HD camera system assures Nutech Engineering’s client of HD video quality without compromises. “At the TCC, every component in the HD video signal path has to be top quality,” Banks noted. “We wanted to have a very highly prestigious and reliable name behind the cameras we chose. I didn’t have to think twice about selecting Canon.”

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