Vinten Radamec outfits virtual reality studio at Ball State University


Last Updated: June 17, 2010 5:51 pm GMT
(Valley College, New York--June 17, 2010) Vinten Radamec, a Vitec Group brand, announces completion of a groundbreaking virtual reality studio installation, incorporating three Vinten Radamec Quattro SE manual encoded pedestals topped by Vinten Vector 950E manual encoded pan and tilt heads, at the University Teleplex at Ball State University in Muncie Indiana.

Bill Cahoe, director of the University Teleplex said that by installing one of the most sophisticated virtual reality systems in the world, Ball State will provide yet another world-class media facility to students. They will produce newscasts in virtual reality and learn virtual reality techniques. What’s most exciting is that the facility is available to commercial and public organizations. “This is a facility like no other in the Midwest,” said Cahoe. He added, “We really hope to see not only students but business, government, and non-profit organizations using this space. It’s an asset not just for the university and our students, but for the region. We are open for business and eager to see the studio become a beehive of commercial and pedagogical activity and collaboration.”

In addition to the Vinten Radamec manual encoded pedestals and pan and tilt heads, Ball State’s facility utilizes industry-leading technology from Orad’s HDVG (High-Definition Digital Video Graphics) rendering platform and Maestro controller software, as well as Ultimatte 11 blue/green screen compositing hardware. Vinten Radamec and the other two companies brought a wealth of experience from their prior collaborative projects to the Ball State facility. “We have such a long-standing and deep relationship with Vinten Radamec that we actually incorporate their tracking data into our own tracking set software,” said Shaun Dail, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Orad North America. Dail also pointed to a special development Orad and Ultimatte did “to give customers the ability to have the talent move in between virtual objects.”

The Teleplex houses a pair of studios: a smaller 30’x40’ studio that will serve the news program and smaller projects, and the main 40’x60’ space with a coved cyclorama backdrop painted entirely in chroma key green. The ability to move from one production to the next between the two studios was a major selling point to Cahoe. “We can go from one studio to the other with the three cameras, and everything remains the same; you just re-center the cameras and pedestals, and everything remains in lock.” The Teleplex technical crew estimated such a move and recalibration could be done in five minutes.

The Vinten Radamec pedestals and heads provide up to a million positional data points through 360 degrees, which allows the Orad rendering engine to precisely generate backgrounds and foreground objects that move as the cameras move. “We want to look as realistic as possible,” said Teleplex 3D creative director Jason Higgs. They gave high marks to Orad and Vinten Radamec for the smoothness of the background tracking, and the shadow detail the Ultimatte 11 system provides.

The performance of the virtual studio system left Cahoe grasping for superlatives. “Honestly, I really wanted a top-notch system, but in the dreaming of this I did not foresee the system as we actually have it, and I think it’s going to be a great return on our investment for the university.”

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