MagiCine announces their new Alterna line of Beamsplitters for live action stereoscopic production


Last Updated: June 23, 2010 6:33 pm GMT
(Westlake Village, California--June 23, 2010) MagiCine’s Alterna GV-4 beamsplitter RIG provides an inter-axial travel of zero to four inches and a maximum available convergence of five degrees. This range is ideal for capturing stereo images under 15 feet.

John Harvey, President of MagiCine, announced its availability for rental or purchase in June.

The GV-4 represents the accumulation of four generations of past designs that have been used in feature production. Its simple and unique camera alignment system assures the most accurate stereo images for minimal post rework. Its simplicity and ruggedness of design allows quick setup and movement between shots. The I.O. and convergence can easily be manipulated manually or driven by industry standard drive motors. The GV-4 is camera agnostic, this gives producers more options for their budget.

For further information, pricing and delivery, contact John Harvey at 818-889-1542
  • Agnostic camera platform. Any camera with the ability to synchronize frame captures can be mounted with a max height between base and lens of 4.25”. Ideally suited for the RED and other digitally based camera systems. (Special camera plates available for specific camera installations)
  • Simple and lightweight yet ridged design is ideal for rental houses and production companies alike.
  • 0” to 4” of Innerocular travel.
  • 5 degrees total convergence available.
  • I.O. and convergence can be driven by standard motion controllers and motors. IE: C-Motion, Preston etc.
  • I.O. and convergence can be manipulated easily by hand.
  • Complete optical axis alignment capabilities, elevation, pitch and roll can be adjusted independently. Primary roll datum on left eye.
  • High mode (left eye on top) is the standard configuration. The RIG is Low mode configurable (right eye on bottom)
  • Proprietary mirror and front filter designs provide for the highest balance of color and dynamic range possible transmitted to each camera.
  • Mirror box is removable and can rotate 180 degrees for low mode.
  • Removable carbon fiber mirror shroud for quick access to mirror and lens cleaning / inspection.
  • Open frame design allows for easier access to lens drive-gearing setup.
  • Serviceable components.
  • Aircraft alloy construction with 2 step colorfast black anodize and stainless steel fasteners.
  • 31 pounds without drive motors.
  • Large rubber feet and handles for ease of resting, setup and movement between set-ups.
  • Adjustable top and side barn doors included; reversible for Low Mode.
  • Pelican 1660 case is provided with firm foam padding and houses the complete Alterna GV-4
  • 1 year warranty.


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