TACTIC Integrates with NUKE


Southpaw Technology integrates its asset management solution TACTIC with The Foundry’s NUKE compositing application to speed and secure workflow

Last Updated: July 15, 2010 4:30 pm GMT
(Toronto, Canada--July 15, 2010) Southpaw Technology, a leading developer of production digital asset management (DAM) technology for digital entertainment and enterprise companies, has unveiled a deep integration between its ultra-flexible DAM solution, TACTIC™, and The Foundry’s premier compositing application, NUKE™.

The integration will vastly improve the creative workflow for compositors working with NUKE by alleviating the mundane tasks associated with file management.

With the TACTIC-NUKE integration, compositing artists working in TACTIC can instantly see what their tasks are for a specific shot, access their shot list, launch NUKE, load the most recent version (or older versions) of a shot, check in a file and more. This timesaving union of technologies frees compositors to focus on creating shots, rather than spending time on finding and securing files, or moving files through the production pipeline.

“Securing, tracking and versioning shots is a complete headache for most artists and most productions,” said Dr. Bill Collis, CEO of The Foundry. “As productions grow in size, the headaches will only get worse. We’re really excited about this new integration because it will not only solve many of the file management problems that slow productions down; it will boost the quality of composites by freeing artists to spend more time on shot creation.”

“Artists like to create, not manage the files they create,” said Gary Mundell, CEO of Southpaw Technology. “File management tasks waste a lot of time, and in productions, wasted time is wasted money. The TACTIC-NUKE integration changes the game by getting rid of the time-consuming tasks and shifting the focus back to productivity, where it should be.”

The TACTIC-NUKE integration is now available and will be on display at Southpaw’s SIGGRAPH 2010, booth #205. For additional information, please visit http://www.southpawtech.com


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