News: Leroy + Clarkson Whips Up Image Campaign for Cooking Channel


Creative Agency Crafts Image and Profile Spots to Launch and Brand Scripps Networks Newest Destination

Last Updated: August 2, 2010 8:41 pm GMT
(New York, NY--August 2, 2010) Creative agency, design studio and production company, Leroy + Clarkson, announced the completion of their image campaign for Scripps Networks newest 24/7 lifestyle destination, Cooking Channel. The short-form, documentary-style promos define the brand while celebrating its unique focus on gathering, preparing, eating and sharing food.

Lightning struck during the pitch phase for the new network’s graphics package. In developing a cohesive voice and identity that represents the promise of Cooking Channel as a place created for and by ''Food People,'' a pitch video was created featuring food people expounding on topics ranging from the role food played in their childhoods, to food destinations, to their passionate opinions on the word ''foodie.'' This video aligned perfectly with the brand voice being developed internally at Cooking Channel, prompting the network to award Leroy + Clarkson a launch campaign that would tell the story of this new brand.

''The overall conversational style, choice of music and general tone was exactly where we wanted to take the image campaign for the launch of Cooking Channel,'' said Joanne Harmon, Design Director, Creative Services, Food Network and Cooking Channel. ''We were working on the actual strategy and deliverables needed for this campaign and realized the natural choice as our partner was Leroy + Clarkson.''

L+C searched out true food lovers: chefs, teachers, travelers, experimenters, and everyday people. Several weeks of casting went into discovering authentic talent with distinct points of view. Sixteen individuals were selected, representing a wide array of backgrounds and expertise. In order to create a real connection to the brand personality of the network, the food people were matched with relevant locations such as outdoor farmers markets, a 50’s diner, a classic burger joint, home kitchens, professional kitchens, a grocery store, a food cart, and a greenhouse garden. In collaboration with Cooking Channel, L+C developed a food- and cooking-oriented questionnaire to guide each food person through a comprehensive and grueling on-camera interview in their matched location.

''It was really important that we find the right kind of people with compelling enough stories to create a strong connection between Cooking Channel and food people everywhere,'' said Daniel Fries, L+C owner and creative director. ''The casting process was a really challenging, but fun way of tapping into the role that food played in these individuals’ lives. We would stumble upon these stories about food and cooking in people’s childhoods, and relationships, and adventures, and in their everyday lives. The telling of these stories and the genuine passion of the tellers just reinforced the strength of Cooking Channel brand and the promise it holds for equally passionate viewers.''

To create a framework to emphasize the network tag ''Stay Hungry,'' L+C compiled a database of food action-oriented words. The ''Stay'' tag was modified to fit each person (''Stay Adventurous,'' ''Stay Fresh,'' ''Stay Sweet,'' etc.), while also creating a vocabulary relevant to the network's overall brand, launch programming and upcoming series. Combined with exhaustive footage of each food person shopping, cooking, eating, gardening, etc., individual profile pieces were created telling each captivating story while celebrating their connection to the promise of the Cooking Channel brand.

Ultimately, Leroy + Clarkson crafted several unique launch spots, each featuring multiple food people as well as sixteen individual profile pieces. Cross channel media buys helped drive viewers to Cooking Channel, while the L+C launch promos set the tone and expressed the ultimate messaging of the network: A new channel for food people, by food people.

Production + Post Specs: Shot on Red, finished in Final Cut Pro and After Effects.

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