Kickstand Develops Digital Asset Management and Specialized Production Software for The Third Floor


Leading Hollywood Pre-Visualization Studio Integrates Custom Production Pipeline Software to Streamline Workflow

Last Updated: August 24, 2010 5:40 pm GMT
(Brooklyn, New York--August 24, 2010) Kickstand Industries, Inc., an innovator of advanced character animation and specialized production technology, announced today it has developed several custom production tools and a digital asset library management system for The Third Floor, a leading Hollywood pre-visualization studio at the forefront of digital cinema.

With credits such as Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, Beowulf, and A Christmas Carol along with several others high-profile movies currently in production, The Third Floor needed a powerful, straightforward production solution to quickly archive, retrieve and re-purpose 3D assets within the pipeline. Kickstand delivered “The Ark,” a custom digital asset library and management system that features an easy-to-use web interface that allows artist to quickly locate and edit 3D assets by category or search by filename, tag, type, project, and more.

“Our list of projects continues to expand, and managing the wealth of 3D assets that accompany a project can be daunting,” said Eric Carney, founder and CFO of The Third Floor. “The programmers at Kickstand have the top-level production knowledge to create a streamlined solution that caters to our studio’s unique requirements. Now our artists have the tools to quickly locate 3D assets and keep productivity flowing in the pipeline.”

The Third Floor helps filmmakers and game developers realize their creative visions with highly detailed pre-visualizations that show how to achieve the desired end result before filming begins. For more details about The Third Floor, please visit

About Kickstand
Kickstand is an innovative character research and development company founded by experts in feature animation, video game development, television, and commercial production. Kickstand specializes in commercial and custom software development for advanced 3D character setup and animation and offers consultation services to help solve complex production pipeline issues, create technical assets, and develop specialized tools for production. For more information about Kickstand, please visit


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