MANTRICS Workflow Manager 3.0 at IBC 2010 - Booth 7.A09


A Revolutionary Workflow Approach

Last Updated: August 24, 2010 5:43 pm GMT
(Rome, Italy--August 24, 2010) MANTRICS Digital Video will showcase at IBC 2010 (Amsterdam), the latest release of MANTRICS Workflow Manager, the most comprehensive web-based solution for manage contents, workflows, orders and resources simultaneously, making interoperable all the production islands and reducing operational costs.

Core element of the exhibition will be the Workflow Planner module, that provides the business with a complete picture of the project pipeline - in real-time and from any location - engaging all in the chain (from sales and administrative staff to operators, editors and journalists) to deliver effective scheduling, reporting and analysis. By adding this new feature, MANTRICS Workflow Manager bring in a holistic approach to the workflow, allowing the user to have the entire perspective of what is going-on inside the company and not only a small process segment. Users can now plan, manage and control the workflow at the same time.

“IBC visitors will have a chance to learn about and experience our latest solution that makes possible a collaborative and aware approach to the workflow”, said Claudio Mattei, Mantrics Digital Video CEO. “Whether you're a project manager working to succeed a big event organization, a sales manager trying to add customers to your portfolio or an operator editing a media file according to specific recommendations, our latest solution allows you to have the overall view, interoperate effectively and make the most from your contents.”

Scalable and easily configurable, MANTRICS Workflow Manager is characterized by an open architecture that allows it to suit all media company needs. It manages the media assets from the ingest to the delivery stage, supporting users in the meta data process as well as in the Quality Control, in the editing and the transcoding.

Offering a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) approach, MANTRICS Workflow Manager makes it easier and more affordable for many broadcaster to manage delocalized workflows.

New on MANTRICS Workflow Manager 3.0:
  • The Planner module allows to control a new project since its early stage, during the order and the scheduling;
  • The EDL Delivery helps in defining and controlling the delivery processes;
  • The Tape Handling tool gives an effective overview about the tape management;
  • New Admin features facilitate the administrator in controlling the Web Services workload and in establishing rules and a shared vocabulary for an effective collaborative work.

MANTRICS designs solutions suitable for large corporations as well as for small agile and dynamic companies. The experience and the skills of its development team, active in this market, both in software development and system integration, from more than 20 years, translate into a software infrastructure capable of large potential for future developments. Thanks to the competence of its team, today MANTRICS represents the ideal partner to face the industrial and technological challenges of the coming years.

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