Mazzei Chooses Element Technica to Support 3D Music Video for Kelly Rowland


Last Updated: August 26, 2010 6:28 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--August 26, 2010) Element Technica announces that director Rankin and cinematographer Marco Mazzei chose the Quasar rig for one of the newest 3D music videos, Kelly Rowland’s Rose Colored Glasses.

Rowland sings about a break up with a boyfriend who was ‘bad news’ and mistreated her. She contrasts the difference between the reality of him and the way she used to see him through ‘rose colored glasses’.

Shot on a minimal stage with SI-2K cameras and the Zeiss 6-24mm DigiZoom, the video features innovative 3D effects and focuses on Rowland’s performance. “It offers the immediacy of 3D as a critical vantage point for watching her,” Mazzei explains. “We had mostly a black background and a white background and created sets by moving set pieces and elements such as flying doves, snow, rain, and smoke to delineate 3D space.”

This is Mazzei’s first time with Element Technica’s Quasar rig. He counts it as the perfect match for the video. “I really like the extreme adjustability in terms of interaxial and convergence and its rigidity in keeping the camera aligned even with dolly moves, being buffed by wind, aggressive operating, etc.

“It was perfect for keeping the cameras in alignment during two days of shooting where we had minimal time to readjust the rig. It also worked nicely with our existing dolly and head and we were able to move around a lot without realigning, saving time and stress.”

Technica 3D Quasar, Neutron and new Pulsar stereoscopic rigs are renowned for their robust construction, and for the ability to be set up and precisely aligned in a short period of time. Additionally, ET 3D rigs are camera agnostic, and the same rig can be configured in side-by-side or beam-splitter modes (over/thru and under/thru).

Rose Colored Glasses can be seen on YouTube 3D and will be featured on new 3D channels that are soon coming out as well as in a 2D version on all of the regular music video venues.

The equipment package was provided by Video Equipment Rentals (VER,)

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