Reality 1.0 for DAZ Studio delivers CGI hyper-realism


Last Updated: September 9, 2010 6:48 pm GMT
(Aptos, California--September 9, 2010) Pret-A-3D announces the availability of the Reality plug-in for DAZ Studio.

Reality provides a complete integration of DAZ Studio with LuxRender, providing access for the 3D artist to physically-based materials like volumetric glass, water, metal, fog and many others.

Through Reality the 3D artist can use thousands of 3D models for DAZ Studio and render them at a photo-realistic level. This turns DAZ Studio into a powerful system for the creation of Virtual Sets and background plates for special effects.

With Reality, 3D artists can position lights in a scene using the same approach used in the real world by photographers and cinematographers. Because the rendering engine is physically-based, the approach to lighting is much more natural and photographer-friendly. This translates into faster setup times and more predictable results.

Reality features:

  • Mac OS and Windows versions available. For Windows, the 32 bit version is available now, the 64 bit will be released in two weeks. The 64 bit version of Lux can be launched by the 32 bit plugin, accessing all the installed memory for rendering.

  • Automatic conversion of Studio shaders to LuxRender materials.

  • Support for fine-tuning of materials.

  • Materials available:

    • Glossy, with 'Skin' option for SSS simulation.

    • Matte.

    • Matte Translucent.

    • Water.

    • Glass with volumetric dispersion.

    • Fog.

    • Realistic Metal with presets for Gold, Copper, Silver and Aluminum.

    • Mirror.

    • IOR presets for dozens of materials like gemstones, multiple types of glass, the human cornea and more.

  • Built-in material preview.

  • Turn any .OBJ into a water object.

  • Indirect light, caustics, reflective surfaces. All materials based on physics.

  • Intuitive light and materials settings that work like the ones found in a photo studio.

  • Bump-map and displacement maps supported.

  • Sun light, distant lights, spotlights and mesh-based lights.

  • Shallow Depth Of Field with one-click setup and camera-like controls.

  • Render scenes outside Studio, allowing you to continue work in Studio while rendering.

  • Stop and resume any render.

  • Multi-processor/hyper-threading ready.

  • Network rendering support thanks to LuxRender.

  • Built-in UV Map+texture viewer.

  • Extensive, clear 40+ page manual in PDF format which includes examples and best practices.

  • LuxRender is included with Reality.

Stefan Morrell, aka Stonemason, world-renowned 3D modeler and artist said of Reality:
"It's super impressive to see such a smooth and easy connection from DAZ Studio to a high end render engine."

Reactions from the DAZ online communities have been very positive.

"I would call this a landmark moment" (Kenneth Rowe)

"To install [Reality] and get everything up and running with an actual render took within 30 minutes. The interface is super easy and very powerful."
(User boeing7272223adv)

"I have to admit, it is truly amazing." (User Lantios)

"The entire render experience for me has changed forever with Daz Studio and Reality." (User music2u4u)

Reality is compatible with both the free and the Advanced version of DAZ Studio 3.1.

The Reality plug-in retails for $79.95 and it's on sale at $49.57 until September 21st, at DAZ 3D. See for more details.

About Pret-A-3D:
Pret-A-3D is a provider of 3D rendering solutions that are artist-friendly. Paolo Ciccone, founder and developer of Pret-A-3D has previously released the After Effects Exporter plug-in for Blender and the "Blender Survival Guide" video tutorial series presented at

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