NOA Audio Solutions Upgrades mediARC™ With Centralized Monitoring and Control


System Troubleshooting Fast and Easy With New Service Console

Last Updated: September 10, 2010 5:49 pm GMT
(Vienna, Austria--September 10, 2010) NOA Audio Solutions has upgraded its flagship mediARC™ audio archive management system with a Service Console to simplify and refine control and monitoring. The new Service Console provides a centralized, real-time overview of all mediARC processes running on distributed servers.

With it, pinpointing and troubleshooting an error can be accomplished quickly, easily, and without downtime, potentially yielding a dramatic reduction in administrative costs.

"Administrators of mediARC with large, distributed systems — the ones with content spread across 20 or more servers — need be able to watch over the system and control it no matter where they happen to be sitting," said Sebastian Gabler, NOA project manager. "With the new NOA Service Console, administrators gain this centralized capability."

The new NOA Service Console links to all native NOA processes, showing the individual activity of each and affording access to its parameters. It can also be used for shared display of any and all tasks taking place in the archive, including throughput levels.

"Customers who have tested the Service Console tell us it is useful for showing on a huge screen in a central location the audio clips moving in and out of the archive, the archive ingest load, as well as the amount of active client connections," said Jean-Christophe Kummer, NOA managing partner. "It is like a throughput barometer that shows all ongoing tasks."

The Service Console upgrade will be integrated into all new mediARC systems, and NOA Audio Solutions is currently shipping it free of charge to existing mediARC users.

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