Wohler Enhances AMP2-16V Modular Audio/Video Processing Monitor With State-of-the-Art Audio Upmixing Technology from Linear Acoustic


UPMAX® Technology Gives AMP2-16V Powerful Built-in Capabilities for Converting Stereo Signals to 5.1 Audio, for Highest-Quality Surround-Sound Output

Last Updated: September 13, 2010 7:24 pm GMT
(Amsterdam-IBC, The Netherlands--September 13, 2010) Wohler Technologies Inc. today announced that its new AMP2-16V modular audio/video processing monitor is now available with state-of-the-art audio upmixing capabilities.

The integration of UPMAX® mixing technology from Linear Acoustic enables the AMP2-16V to seamlessly convert stereo signals into surround-sound audio, giving broadcasters the ability to provide consistently high-quality audio outputs for their surround-sound viewers.

The new upmixing capability is the second collaboration between Wohler and Linear Acoustic, joining an integration of the AMP2-16V with Linear Acoustic loudness control technology that was launched earlier this year. With UPMAX, the AMP2-16V converts a stereo signal into a 5.1 channel surround audio field, making it ideal for programs such as live, multi-venue sports events for which surround miking is not possible at every location. The AMP2-16V detects a stereo signal and upmixes the audio to surround.

"The number of viewers with sophisticated home theaters and surround-sound capabilities is growing rapidly, and they expect their investment to deliver the ultimate viewing and listening experience. Yet, most broadcasters are still working with a large amount of stereo content, meaning that viewers might experience an unacceptable degradation in sound quality when the broadcast switches from native surround audio to stereo audio," said Kim Templeman-Holmes, EVP of global sales and marketing at Wohler. "With the addition of Linear Acoustic UPMAX technology, the AMP2-16V becomes Wohler's first audio monitor to combine upmixing with loudness control, giving viewers pristine surround audio regardless of what content they're viewing."

Wohler's AMP2-16V features dual 4.3-inch OLED displays that support dedicated video monitoring, loudness metering and control, audio mixing and routing, and Dolby® Zoom functions. Combined with robust metering and monitoring features, as well as modular I/O options including 3G/HD/SD-SDI, AES, and analog, these capabilities make the AMP2-16V not just an audio monitor with video, but a complete audio management system.

"Linear Acoustic is an audio upmixing pioneer, and to date no other vendor has been able to match the output quality of UPMAX — making it the logical choice for enhancing the AMP2-16V. Now, the AMP2-16V is truly a formidable, all-in-one solution that reduces the cost, complexity, and space requirements of monitoring and control in all variety of fixed and mobile broadcast facilities," said Templeman-Holmes.

More information about the AMP2-16V modular audio/video processing monitor is available at http://www.wohler.com.


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