Softron Media Services Announces Step2e Collaboration


Developer of Broadcast Traffic Systems Integrates Applications into Softron’s next generation multi-channel play-out engine, OnTheAir Node.

Last Updated: September 22, 2010 1:55 am GMT
(Brussels, Belgium--September 22, 2010) Softron Media Services announced today that Step2e Broadcast GmbH & Co. KG of Passau Germany, a developer of software for the broadcast industry has integrated Step2e Broadcast with OnTheAir Node, Softron’s new client-server play-out engine.

Step2e Broadcast is an all in-one solution designed to fit the complex structures of small and mid-sized broadcasting stations. Efficient workflows within theStep2e Broadcast software provide professional results - while realizing significant savings potential. Step2e Broadcast offers a wide variety of components which can be combined to suit individual needs. These include: CRM, Traffic & Billing, Editorial Scheduling, Media Asset Management and Digital Rights Management, just to name a few.

With Step2e Broadcast, from the very first customer contact to the finished commercial schedule - every aspect of selling advertisement time is covered by Step2e CRM and Traffic & Billing. The same applies to editorial content, even including a Resource Planning module to manage staff and equipment during the production of editorial clips. Step2e Traffic & Billing automates and integrates the booking of commercials into the editorial context and thereby eliminates the most frequent sources of error.

OnTheAir Node is Softron's next generation play-out engine for the Mac. It has been designed to be an inexpensive, reliable and customizable video server that uses existing off-the-shelf technology. OnTheAir Node has been designed to launch automatically at start up and to resume operation, even after a crash or power loss. A log of everything that has been played is maintained and available for the user. OnTheAir Node has been tested with a media catalog of more than 500,000 video clips.

OnTheAir Node can be installed on and will run on any Intel based Mac. Video output is done via the external video device (such as the AJA Io series or Matrox MXO series) or via a video card (AJA, Blackmagic Design or Matrox) installed in the workstation or Xserve. OnTheAir Node provides synchronization information to the clients even if they are disconnected from the Node for long periods of time. Information on the clips is provided as XML, making it easy for any application to retrieve the clip's characteristics. (Ex: video codec, audio sample rate, creation date, last modification date, finder label etc). OnTheAir Node also automatically validates the clips to make sure they are compatible for playback. If not compatible, OnTheAir Node can provide a detailed description of the problem. OnTheAir Node will also automatically retrieve a file even if it has been moved or copied. If the original becomes unavailable, OnTheAir Node will search for a copy and if a copy is available, will use it instead. This operation is completely transparent to the user.

Step2e took less than two days to integrate its applications into Softron Media Services next generation client-server play-out engine, OnTheAir Node.

“We have been working with Softron for several years now and have always regarded them as a professional partner with very reliable products,” said Stefan Wagenpfeil, Step2e's CEO. “ Thanks to Softron's straightforward way of creating interfaces, we have been able to provide functional and efficient workflows for our customers. With the interface of OnTheAir Node, Softron is offering an even wider range of functionalities and we look forward to making them available to our customers.”

Pierre Chevalier, Technical Director at Softron Media Services indicated, “Many users want to be able to control multiple television channels’ schedules from one single location. The first step to achieve that goal was to have a reliable underlying architecture which we established with our OnTheAir Node product. The next step was to provide a scheduling application that is not only powerful but is also truly comprehensive and extremely easy to use. Step2e provides exceptional functionality and we are very pleased that they are the first traffic system to integrate with OnTheAir Node.”

About Step2e Broadcast GmbH & Co. KG
Step2e Broadcast GmbH & Co. KG is a German software company with over a decade's experience in developing TV management software. Step2e solutions have been designed to cover every aspect of a TV company - sales, traffic, scheduling, newsroom, resource management, media asset management and digital rights management. The modular structure of Step2e Broadcast makes it possible to combine the elements to fit the needs of small and mid-size broadcasters at a competitive price. Being completely Java based, Step2e software is completely platform independent on the server side as well as on the client side and will fit any existing infrastructure. Step2e Broadcast is based at Spitalhofstraße 97, D-94032 Passau, Germany. For information about the Step2e product range, please contact Julia Ries at +49 851 8517 9980 or

About Softron Media Services
Softron Media Services, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, has been providing Macintosh based video and audio solutions for over 25 years. Softron Media Services provides applications for play-out and scheduling, news management, character generation, acquisition and device control. What distinguishes Softron Media Services from other companies is the company’s long dedication to providing the highest professional quality video support for Apple’s Macintosh platform. Softron Media Services’ software applications are available online from the Softron Online Store as well as from Apple ProVideo integration specialists throughout the world. Resellers are listed on the Softron Media Services website ( Softron Media Services’ European headquarters are located at 470, avenue Moliere, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium, Phone: +32 2 771 7371. Intelligent Broadcasting Systems, Inc., Softron Media Services' US subsidiary, has an office in Las Vegas, NV. For marketing and sales information about Softron Media Services’ products, please contact Mike Skibra, Business Development Manager at +1 702 275 6353 or marketing


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