Major legislature selects Vinten Radamec to control television coverage


Last Updated: October 6, 2010 6:16 pm GMT
(Valley College, New York--October 6, 2010) Vinten Radamec®, a Vitec Group brand, has implemented its Legislative Control System (LCS) in the main chamber of the Alberta Legislative Assembly in Edmonton, Canada.

The LCS is an intelligent controller capable of providing multi-user, multi-facility control of cameras and robotic heads, ensuring the rapid and accurate shot acquisition required to televise parliamentary and legislative procedures. The convenience, flexibility and accuracy of the LCS was the deciding factor for the Alberta legislature.

In the new installation, the Vinten Radamec LCS is driving five Hitachi cameras and Vinten Radamec Autocam HS102P pan and tilt heads with the whole system now ready for high-definition. A prime advantage of the LCS control system is its flexibility, allowing operators to choose the best shot from a selection of angles, to select cameras by touch screen and to use a joystick to fine tune the camera position.

The system replaces a life-expired standard definition installation, which was operated by local television station CFRN, part of the CTV network. This control system required operators to select shots manually by reference number. To ease the transition, Vinten Radamec’s LCS installation supports complex operations for both manual and fully automated functions and the Alberta Legislative Assembly is already realizing the benefits of the visual selection tools.

The Vinten Radamec LCS control system was installed by Applied Electronics in Edmonton, Alberta. “The new Vinten Radamec LCS is easy for the operators to pick up,” said Alan English, technology sales representative at Applied Electronics. “They have a visual representation of the chamber and can punch in the shot number, or they can use the touch screen to select what they need. The beauty of the LCS system is that it will take every available camera, rate the shot and cue up the best rated for each location,” concluded English.

About Vinten Radamec
Vinten Radamec is the world’s leading provider of robotic camera support systems for studios, outside broadcast productions and legislative environments. It brings together the market’s largest range of robotic heads, pedestals and controllers, the widest customer support network and distribution infrastructure, and the most far-reaching and innovative development programme in the industry.

Open interconnectivity is built in to every Vinten Radamec system, allowing it to take a seamless role in the broader automated environment and thereby increasing the number of users who can take advantage of the economic and operational benefits of robotic cameras.

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