SBS Broadcasting B.V. Opts for Softel Swift™ TX SD and HD Subtitling Solution


Last Updated: October 12, 2010 10:50 pm GMT
(Pangbourne, England--October 12, 2010) Softel announced today that Dutch broadcaster SBS Broadcasting B.V. has streamlined its subtitling workflow by installing the Softel Swift™ TX subtitling system at its Amsterdam playout facility.

The solution provides digital and overlay switching, as well as SGT automation interface and live subtitle transmission, across all of SBS's SD and HD channels in the Netherlands.

"The Softel technology provides us with the most streamlined and efficient workflow for both SD and HD, and for open and closed subtitles," says Josbert van Rooijen, broadcast and IT manager, SBS Broadcasting B.V. "It's an elegant, compact and cost-effective solution, concentrating all the required functionality into one box per channel and reducing the rack space needed to house the subtitling equipment. Critically, it allows us to stay ahead of the increasing demand for subtitling in a very cost-effective way."

Swift TX is part of the Swift family of subtitling products from Softel that provides an integrated, end-to-end subtitling/captioning solution, from workflow management and subtitle preparation through to time-of-air insertion and monitoring. Swift TX supports "live bound" workflows, enabling multichannel time-off-air subtitle transmission in either a single or multibox configuration. It also provides multiformat subtitle transmission with transcoding in real time, along with retiming for turnaround services. Additionally, the system offers the transmission of SD/HD "open" Teletext and DVB bitmap subtitles for all channels. With tight integration into a broad range of automation and workflow systems, Swift TX also delivers high reliability with master/standby and "N+1" configurations.

The Softel system, installed with the support of the local reseller Burst Video B.V., went live at SBS Broadcasting in March 2010 using a mixture of preprepared and live subtitling operations as appropriate for the type of material being broadcast. SBS Broadcasting B.V. broadcasts three channels: Net 5, SBS 6 and Veronica.

"SBS Broadcasting B.V. provides a wide variety of material to a diverse audience, and the versatility of the Swift system was a key benefit, allowing the broadcaster to achieve the ideal balance between highly automated and efficient processing for preprepared subtitles, and an easy-to-use, responsive environment for subtitling in live situations," says Sam Pemberton, Softel CEO.

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