Autodesk Beast 2011 Lighting Middleware Now Shipping


Beast Global Illumination Lighting Helps Decrease Iteration Time and Increase Aesthetic Quality with LiquidLight, eRnsT and DistriBeast Features

Last Updated: October 27, 2010 5:04 pm GMT
(San Rafael, California--October 27, 2010) Autodesk, Inc., is now shipping Autodesk Beast 2011 middleware*, the first release of the product since the company’s acquisition of Illuminate Labs in July 2010.

Autodesk Beast middleware helps development teams aesthetically enhance their games with a pre-computed global illumination (GI) lighting solution, while helping to avoid complicated and time-consuming lighting setups and to minimize runtime cost.

Autodesk Beast 2011 offers three key components that work together to help decrease iteration time and enhance aesthetic quality:
  • LiquidLight — The core baking technology for advanced GI and dynamic relighting of characters
  • eRnsT — An interactive editor that helps artists control and explore lighting setups
  • DistriBeast — A distribution engine for running renders on multiple machines

Key features in Autodesk Beast 2011:
  • Precomputed GI — Prebake lighting for platform and engine independence, resulting in greater flexibility and portability.
  • Aesthetic quality and efficient workflows — Adjust overall scene lighting without bounce lights or ambient fills typically used to “fake” global illumination.
  • Robust API (application programming interface) — Integrate Beast into your game engine with a simplified interface.

*Features in Autodesk Beast 2011 middleware may differ from features announced by Illuminate Labs prior to July 2010.


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