Dashing Collective Bolsters Its Creative Ranks


Last Updated: November 23, 2010 6:50 pm GMT
(November 23, 2010) Dashing Collective, the creative visual effects studio that launched onto the scene earlier this year, introducing a streamlined approach that takes cues from live action production, is pleased to announce the hiring of EP Danielle Lyons and CG Supervisor Doug Law.

"We only hire the creative leads, the artists and supervisors that define the vision. The rest of the crew is made up of expert contractors tailored to the job at hand. It means we're able to do great work we aspire to with the level of finish our clients' demand," noted Founder and Creative Director Rob Moggach.

With more than 15 years of experience in live action production, Danielle Lyons understands Dashing's model and how it can meet the diverse and challenging needs of today's multi-platform landscape. Lyons has traveled extensively, shooting with top agencies and A-list directors and has worked on cutting-edge international work including spots for EA Sports, Nintendo and Bud Light as well as award-winning work for Mercedes-Benz and Hallmark. Producing for top directors with demanding creative clients means Lyons knows as much about how to manage a job as what a truly great visual is and should be. Her last three years were spent focusing on animation and VFX, giving her the know-how to collaborate with Moggach to deliver Dashing's message.

Doug Law was one of the first artists to use Maya (pre-release) and for 15 years worked at the front lines for software developer Autodesk as a figurehead touting new features and advancements as they were released. He has a unique perspective on CG production given his direct exposure to client needs worldwide at the best VFX studios. Law's depth of knowledge extends to every component of the software which means the creative team is learning new and more efficient workflows regardless of their individual discipline.

"I've always held the contention that a few artists equipped with the right tools can do more than much larger teams. Throwing more people at a problem is sometimes necessary but often the complexity of our work is only properly addressed by using a few carefully selected experts and giving them serious firepower to perform miracles," explains Moggach. "I'm excited to see the model prove itself after years of knowing it was the future. It's still early but I'm energized to be a part of a small independent team that's so galvanized with desire to produce great creative work."

Anchored by Founder and Creative Director Robert Moggach, Executive Producer Danielle Lyons and a select team of top digital artists and technicians, Dashing is tailor-made to handle projects with demanding creative or technical challenges and adapting to complex, cross-platform creative needs.
About Dashing:

Dashing is a group of digital craftsmen, creative problem solvers, and technical innovators. The Toronto-based creative collective specializes in format-independent delivery of high-end, commercially motivated, moving, still and interactive imagery. The studio will focus on visual effects and also harbor capabilities that allow for unconventional cross-platform projects.

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