MPC wins Best CGI and Best Telecine at the British Arrow Awards


Last Updated: November 23, 2010 7:15 pm GMT
(November 23, 2010) MPC’s work dominated the CGI (sponsored by Autodesk) and Telecine (sponsored by FilmLight) categories at the British Arrow Awards last night, with Cadbury’s ‘Spots V Stripes’ and 'Xbox Halo 3 ODST' winning the top honours.

MPC scooped 8 nominations in 3 categories and was also awarded silvers for Kerry LowLow Mouse for the CGI category and Cadbury's for the VFX category. Both spots represented a huge challenge to MPC’s advertising department, with Cadbury's combining a full cast of photorealistic CG creatures and extensive environment work. Taking advantage of MPC’s proprietary tools and film pipeline, the team was able to tackle complex visual effects in a shorter time frame. ‘Spots V Stripes’ was created by Fallon and directed by Nick Gordon at Academy Films with Jake Mengers supervising the VFX work.

'Halo' was directed by Rupert Sanders, (TAG/MJZ) and graded by Mark Gethin, based at MPC LA in Santa Monica; who was thrilled at the news; Mark explains ‘I thoroughly enjoyed working on this job, it was really inspiring… Rupert really wanted to make the whole piece realistic, so nothing was over stylized. Every scene has a different palette which takes you through his journey; however He wanted to make sure that nothing looked too glossy or fake.’

Graham Bird, MD Advertising, said of the awards; ‘It’s a real honour for us to collaborate with our Clients on such innovative and high profile campaigns, without them we would not have been able to win these awards…’

MPC also received nominations for Ulf Johansson’s Drench ‘Cubehead’ (CHI& Partners/Smith & Jones), dom&nic's, Kerry LowLow (Fallon/Outsider) and Daniel Kleinman’s Plane Stupid ‘Polar Bears’ (Mother/Rattling Stick). Director of Telecine Jean Clement Soret was also shortlisted in the telecine category for his work on John Lewis ‘Always a Woman’ (adam&eve/Blink).

MPC also joined forces with the Mill to create a sponsorship film for the event. After some initial brainstorming across both facilities, The Mill’s Design Director Carl Addy, pitched in with this – Rat Race.

Both facilities created stills, 12 in total, one for each sponsor. The stills were antique looking; vintage drawings or photos - of Rats, and were mounted in antique frames. Inspiration came from 'Wind in the Willows', with the twist of creating human bodies with Rats heads. Each still showed a Rat from days gone by in Sports attire - Old stripy swimwear, Cycling gear, Boxing gloves etc. The Stills were posed, and of course the numbers on the chest of each of the Rats were the sponsorship Logos.

These real life photos and drawings were displayed in an antique cabinet, alongside a number of trophies and awards. Shooting for real, we then slowly pan through the cabinet, past each picture, and as we do so we see the odd cheeky animated wink from a Rat or two! A countdown device was animated which we cut away too every few seconds. Once we reach the end of the display, and the clock has counted down.. we reveal the British Arrows Logo and the start of the awards. The film was shot at The Mill, VFX was across both MPC and the Mill, and the Grade was carried out by our Jean-Clement Soret.

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