"Glee" Cinematographer, Producer and Editor Sing Behind the Scenes


Createasphere Brings It with their Best of TV Webcast Series

Last Updated: December 17, 2010 11:26 pm GMT
(Burbank, California--December 17, 2010) Createasphere will take the audience back stage with an engaging webcast featuring the cinematographer, producer and editor of "Glee" - the award-winning, critically acclaimed television series now entering its sophomore season. Featuring a real "how-did-we-do that?" conversation, the Best of TV Webcast has been developed with American Cinematographer Magazine and American Cinema Editors.

Joining the conversation will be Bradley Buecker, one of the Glee's Supervising Producer's and editors and cinematographer, Christopher Baffa, ASC. Moderating the webcast is Jimmy Hemphill, Contributing Writer for American Cinematographer Magazine.

The Glee Best of TV Webcast will be presented Saturday, December 18, 2010 at 11am. Participants will learn how the musical numbers on Glee are shot, and will feature clips, revealing conversation, and offer an opportunity for attendees to interact and direct questions to participants.

With room for only 200 online participants, early registration is encouraged. The cost is only $35. For registration and complete information, visit http://www.createasphere.com/webcasts or call 818.842.6611.

About Createasphere
Createasphere is a global community builder for the entertainment technology industry, building and connecting communities and advancing technology and careers through expos, conferences, education and online offerings.

Createasphere was founded in 2001 as HD EXPO, and over the past decade has grown into a global company that develops and presents influential events for the content creation community, on line and face to face. Founded by Kristin Petrovich Kennedy in Los Angeles, Createasphere became part of Diversified Business Communications in 2009, now driving their entertainment strategies and properties division. Currently Createasphere is presenting the Createasphere Entertainment Technology Expos in New York and LA, The Digital Asset Management Conference, in New York and Los Angeles, The DAMMY Awards in New York, Cinema India in Mumbai, and workshops focused on 3D, Canon EOS, REDucation, and Post Production Master Classes in the US and abroad.

Createasphere is headquartered in Burbank, California ( http://www.createasphere.com )


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