Morgan Chooses Vinten to "Support Retired at 35"


Last Updated: January 25, 2011 6:11 pm GMT
(Valley Cottage, New York--January 25, 2011) Vinten, a Vitec Group brand, announces that multi-Emmy® Award winning cinematographer Donald A. Morgan has chosen Vinten to support the new TVLand series, "Retired at 35". Shot at Hollywood Center Studios in Los Angeles, the series is captured with four Sony 1500 cameras on four Vinten peds.

“When I’m on peds I always request we have Vinten,” says Morgan adamantly. “Vinten has been around for my whole career. They are reliable and are simply the workhorses of the industry – the peds that everyone else is trying to be. This series has three good-sized permanent sets and one to three swing sets each week. We average six sets an episode – which we shoot in two days. That means our cameras have to be active – to follow our active retirees lead by George Segal and Jessica Walters.

“To keep up with our action, we have four of the most experienced camera operators in the business; Gene Jackson, Randy Bear, Tom Eckelberry and Steve Jones. Between them, they have about 100 years of camera operating. They know what works – and what works for them is Vinten. They pride themselves on making shots as smooth as possible. They are often asked to do quick repos. And they can do that faster and better because of Vinten.

“Our budget is conservative. We aren’t able to have the manpower or equipment for dolly work. So, we have to do shots that you would like to do with a dolly – with the Vinten peds. It’s relatively easy for our pros. The grips lay out some 4x8 sheets of plywood and Randy and Steve (center cameras) easily pull off a combination carry. They simply push the ped to get it going, all the while doing the focus and operating at the same time. Not an easy job for an operator. But they get it almost every time, thanks to Vinten.

Vinten Vector heads and pedestals have been the workhorses of multi-camera shoots for 2 decades. Today’s Vector 750 offers a center of gravity range span of 3.1 to 9.8” and holds up to 165.3 pounds making it ideal for a full production camera complete with accessories, including on-board monitors.

“Having Vinten to support us simply makes the job incredibly easier. I wouldn’t want to do these kinds of shots without Vinten to support my guys.”

"Retired at 35", the second series to be produced by TVLand is currently airing.


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