Italian Eurolab to purchase M I S T DI deck solution


Last Updated: February 2, 2011 9:36 pm GMT
(Geneva, Switzerland--February 2, 2011) Marquise Technologies, designer of high-end post-production solutions, has announced today that Eurolab, one of the key film labs in Italy, has acquired a M I S T to install with their telecine suite.

Eurolab needed an alternative to traditional film to tape workflow for their transfers. They have found in M I S T the perfect solution: M I S T, like a VTR would do, captures the video signal directly into data (DPX, Cineon, QuickTime, etc). As a virtual telecine, M I S T is able to perform a best light or scene-by-scene transfer thanks to its primary grading and scene detection functions. M I S T also offers the ability to render the data files into any other type of format, like JPEG2000, for further purpose.

“Our telecine suites are still working a lot and we needed a tool more flexible, more future-oriented than a traditional VTR” comments Andrea Terilli, Operations Manager at Eurolab.

Not only replacing a VTR, M I S T is also directly connected to the company SAN with fiber channel. The transferred media are now immediately available for the editing rooms in a workable format, in HD resolution.

“We are very happy about this installation at Eurolab” says Laurence Stoll, CEO of Marquise Technologies, “it illustrates exactly the purpose of M I S T, a flexible DI deck able to bridge the video world with the data world, in a very efficient and cost effective way”.

M I S T has been installed on a certified HP Z800 workstation and 5TB of local attached storage, providing enough performance to play back HD and 2K in real-time, which is critical for Eurolab’s workflow.

About Marquise Technologies
Marquise Technologies designs state-of-the-art solutions for the post-production industry. Like precious jewels, every product released has been deeply thought, developed and manufactured with special care, for the full satisfaction of the customer. It is shaped through the ideas and vision of its designers and engineers who are united by a common goal and a common spirit: to build the excellence. With two major product lines, SOFT and MACHINES, the company addresses post-production facilities and digital film labs, and provides them with high-end solutions for image processing, data conforming, color grading, restoration and finishing

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About Eurolab
Eurolab is a Film & Digital Post-Production Laboratory, based in Rome, which offers a complete list of works and services. As, but not only, 35mm & 16/S16 mm negative processing and dailies, 35mm Release prints, Sound transfer, DCP’s, SD/HD/2K Telecine to any type of support (HDCam, Blu-Ray, Hard Drive etc.), DI’s work (Filmscanner, Filmrecording, Color Correction), etc.



Re: News: Italian Eurolab to purchase M I S T DI deck solution
by Ronald Lindeboom
Yet again, I am forced to shake my head in bewilderment at a trade name like...

"...purchase M I S T DI deck solution."

Wow, I thought Discreet's use of lower-case names was bad enough but Google is going to do a horrible job cataloging a trade name with spaces between its letters as seen in M I S T. And then it's a M I S T DI system, eh? What a mess. Who on Earth thinks this stuff up? Talk about having to spend many times more money to make the marketing message lodge in the audience's mind, this is such a waste of money spent on a trademark like this.

Whatever did happen to Discreet combustion* anyway? Oh, that's right, they didn't do well marketing it, even though it was a FAR superior product to After Effects, its nearest competitor.

I don't doubt that Marquise is making a GREAT product, it's just too bad that i t ' s g o i n g t o h a v e a n u p h i l l f i g h t a l l t h e w a y t o g e t i t s m e s s a g e a c r o s s t o a n y o n e .

Didn't any of these new generation marketers go to school? Or did they sleep through the course that told them that products are bought by people and you need to communicate your message to them.

Google will never be this product's friend and ally.

Sorry for the rant.
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