Artistic Image Revs The Imagination For Ferrari With An Animated Video Created For The Ferrari Museum At Ferrari World, The Automaker's Permanent Exhibit At Dubai's New High-End Billion-Dollar Theme Park


Last Updated: February 11, 2011 5:13 pm GMT
(February 11, 2011) Artistic Image, the multi award-winning CGI, animation, live-action house, has built a world-class reputation as the creative resource for bold, innovative spots and video content for the auto industry. Recently Ferrari tapped the Atlanta-based company's talent to create an animated video to showcase in a permanent installation at The Ferrari Museum, part of Ferrari World, the automobile-maker's expansive exhibit at Dubailand, the high-end, billion dollar theme park built to establish Dubai as a premier tourist destination.

Fuelled by its collective of artists' shared passion for all things with horse-power, Artistic Image's team took full advantage of the opportunity to showcase their talents in a highly detailed computer animation video for the world's premier car. AI owner/director of VFX, Ed Dye, brought his considerable expertise crafting a long list of spots for automotive advertising in Detroit to the project. Dye, along with AI's director/designer Jeff Ling, who had previously worked on a number of projects for Ferrari, helmed the company's creative vision for media content.

Working with Studiocom, AI created a highly realistic rendering of the Ferrari 58 Italia that included a schematic view of the car's engineering. While the animation is primarily a product showcase, it also infuses a strong narrative element. Using MAYA, After Effects, among other tools, their team created several side-by-side comparisons of Ferrari's F1 racing car with its street version. The video grasps the imagination of owners of the high-performance car, challenging them to see elements of their street version inside the F1 'dream' car.

Creating content for a venue that represents the brand, and an audience that will no doubt be Ferrari fanatics, set the creative bar high. Ferrari is protective of its design and technology, which created a unique challenge for AI's team: They had to find a way to deliver accurate detailed animation without the benefit of direct references. To work around this the studio built its own catalogue of references, creating the animations and models from photos of Ferrari cars and technology.

"Studiocom is a repeat client that has called upon Artistic Image to develop creative content for a wide range of products, so they were already familiar with the quality of our work." explains Dye of the collaboration. "This was an extremely high level project, so having the advantage of a staffer who had previously worked for them gave us invaluable insight into the kind of workflow they were comfortable with and allowed us to anticipate their needs."

"Ferrari is not only a prestigious car - it sets the standard for excellence in the auto industry," Dye adds. "AI's team was thrilled to have opportunity the create animation that will represent a product of this calibre to a global audience."

"The piece was designed to showcase a world-class car, but it also showcases the range and calibre of AI's collaborative team of artists, and our ability to seamlessly take high-end productions from concept to completion," adds Dye. "We were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Studiocom on this project."

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PROJECT: Ferrari Animated Content for Ferrari Museum at Dubailand Theme Park in Dubai
EQUIPMENT USED: Maya, after effects

AD AGENCY/CLIENT: Studiocom/Atlanta:
Director of Broadcast Production/Producer: Gwen Coleman
Creative Director/Art Director: Maurizio Villarreal

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Artistic Image/Atlanta:
Director: Jeff Ling
Producer: Jim Threlkeld
Animation Director + Designer: Daniel Wiggins
VISUAL FX & ANIMATION COMPANY: Artistic Image/Atlanta:
Director of VFX: Ed Dye
FX Artist: Yesael Sumalauve
Animator: Daniel Wiggins
Designer: Jeff Ling
Modeller: Jeff Ling, Daniel Barnes


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